Monday, August 23, 2010

Just A Little Update

No pictures today...just an update. Yeah, I know I've been slipping further and further off the blogging radar. I've just had a lot of big, majorly important things going on in life. The routine check-up appointment with my radiation oncologist at the beginning of this month involved several tests as we wondered if my cancer had returned 'cause I've been in constant pain. My right hip, back, shoulders and neck hurt all the time. I had an x-ray first, then a full body bone scan and finally an MRI on my spine. Well, today I received the most wonderful news that I DO NOT HAVE CANCER AGAIN!!!!

My daughter's friend got married this past weekend and I've been super caught up in various projects for that. Everything went well and the wedding was beautiful! It was an outdoor ceremony at the home of the bride's grandparents. The weather cooperated and we all enjoyed a very nice time :)

We've got a lot of celebrating to do around here this week. Tomorrow is my son's birthday and the day after that is my husband's birthday and our 20th wedding anniversary! I feel like a very blessed girl :)


  1. What wonderful news--I'm SOO happy for you!!!
    Sounds like a lot of wonderful things going on (great test results, birthdays, anniversary).
    I'm sorry though that you have been in such pain...I hope they can get to the bottom of it and get you feeling better real soon.
    Sending hugs!

  2. Awesome news! I can't imagine what was going on in your heart and mind. Praise the Lord for your good report and hope your celebrations this week are even sweeter than last years! Feel better soon!

  3. PTL for the GREAT news! We'll pray they find out what's causing your pain...and for quick healing.

    Have a blessed period of celebration! Sounds like you'll be a busy girl.

    :-) Jan

  4. YES! I am so happy for you and hope they can find the source of your pain soon. I am thanking a loving Heavenly Father there is no CANCER.
    Take care sweet freind, ~♥

  5. What a relief Michelle!! God is so good. I'm so happy you are cancer-free. You look so beautiful and healthy too (facebook photo). Hugging you, Kathi

  6. PTL GReat News:o) :o)
    Happy Anniversary !


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