Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Few Wedding Pics :)

My daughter Taylor and her best friend, Emily. She was such a beautiful bride!
My two lovely daughters, Tess and Taylor. They are growing up so quickly! Taylor will be a senior and Tess will begin her freshmen year in high school.

My advice if you have little ones...savor each moment 'cause the seasons of life change rapidly and before you know it, they are grown!


  1. Emily was beautiful! Taylor and Tess are too!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your comment. I read through your blog and I am so happy that you are cancer free. God Bless You! And you are right we should savor each moment not only with our children, but with every second the Good Lord gives us. Thanks for sharing. Karie @
    I hope you will come back soon.

  3. What lovely girls, they all look so pretty in their dresses.

  4. Isn't that the truth! My boys grew so tall at such an early age, 6' feet tall at 12, that it just was there, all grown up! Now they are 6'6" and I feel like the one who needs to grow up! This year is the first year though with no school, it is weird, kinda emply feeling...
    Your girls look beautiful in their dresses, the bride was lovely too!

    So happy for you that your tests all came back negative! WHOOP WHOOP! My husband got diagnosed with Larynx cancer two months ago, boy did we have a wake up call, him mostly with diet etc. we have choose not to go the conventional medical way, no radiation etc.
    I know you will keep us in your prayers, I have not shared with anyone except you...

  5. The Girls are Beautiful!
    Yes, they grow up way too fast!
    Hope you're doing well these days! Miss your posts!

  6. The girls are just beautiful!
    I have a 12 year old daughter who seems to be growing up faster than I ever imagined. Seemed like just yesterday she was a baby, and now she's almost a teenager. So I am definitely trying hard to savor each minute :)
    Your daughter is beautiful.

  7. They are beautiful girls Michelle.


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