Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Graduation Projects.....FINALLY!

Here's the photo display board I made for Tyler's graduation party.
I wanted it to have an organized look to it and not just a big mess of pictures overlapping onto each other. Believe it or not, there are just over 70 pictures on the board!
The "CONGRATS" banner I made.

Bought these numbers from the dollar store...
and transformed them into this!
This picture was taken as the food buffet table was being set up.

Fifty-cent-popcorn-buckets-turned-utensil-holders. I traced a pattern onto a paper grocery bag and cut it out; then used the pattern on each piece of scrapbook paper and cut those out. Next I used spray adhesive to adhere the paper to the bucket. The stars are actually star-shaped playing cards covered with scrapbook paper and letters. I punched a hole in the top and threaded ribbon through the star. I broke out the trusty glue gun and glued on fun pom-pom trim (on sale - it cost just under $2 for the 3) and the ribbon/star tag.
More scrapbook paper, a circle cutter, hole punch and ribbon for this project. All told, I cut out, punched and tied 135 circles! (Found the idea somewhere on the web and adapted it a little bit.) These sat under the table centerpieces.
This is what the centerpiece planters looked like when I first bought them.
Couldn't beat the price, especially for an FTD planter.
Quite obviously they were the wrong color but that's why spray paint is our best friend! ha ha
Plastic cardholder that came with the planter...
turned into this after I was done :)
This is what the centerpieces looked like - only the grass was actually green then, not brown and dying as it looks now :) (I just took this picture tonight and the party was just over 2 weeks ago.)

Thanks for looking at my party projects!


  1. I am pretty impressed with your decoration. You have a gift!

  2. oh my goodness, what an amazing job!! that was an obvious labor of love but i'm sure you enjoyed every moment of it.

    what are you doing in june of 2011??

  3. Everything turned out beautifully.. I hope Ty realizes the amazing mom her has and ALL the hard work which went in to making this evening uncredible!


  4. Everything turned out beautifully.. I hope Ty realizes the amazing mom her has and ALL the hard work which went in to making this evening uncredible!

  5. The centerpieces and everything else totally *rock*, I LOVE it!!! I swear you need to market yourself as a party planner, event coordinator, decorator, etc.....there is money to be made woman!!!! And it all comes so natural to you!!!


  6. Wow Michelle ~ you are so talented and creative! Everything looks awesome!


  7. Hey Michelle. :) Thanks for coming by to visit me and leaving such a nice comment.

    I've just gone back several months through your blog. The fact that you are a cancer survivor is just awesome!! Your hair is coming back in so pretty. Goes with your smile.

    I will be back to visit for sure!

  8. Wow! I am so impressed with all your great ideas. Every single detail is just perfect! Sounds like you had a really fun party.

  9. Hi Michelle,
    It's so nice to meet you! I really appreciate your kind visit to my blog. You are always welcome!

    What beautiful ideas for graduation gifts! All very creative and pretty.

    Hope to see you again soon.
    Have a blessed day. ~Melissa :)

  10. You did such an amazing job on this party! You put so much thought into every little detail! I bet it was smashing success!

    Let me know if you do the teacup birdfeeder and I'll link to you from my blog.


  11. What an amazing job! You need to be a party planner. Or a wedding coordinator or something. I will be you have gads of ideas for any theme. Beautiful!!

  12. This is one of my favorites! I love all of your decorations! LOVE them! You did such a wonderful job on this and so creative!

  13. Very creative ideas. I'm sure the photo board will be a treasured keepsake.

  14. Wow! I am so impressed with all the transformations!!! Love the popcorn buckets turned silverware holders! How clever!!!

  15. Very nice, exceptionally tasteful, and age appropriate...Not too "cutesy". Good job!


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