Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Been A While!

Wow, I've been away from this blog for quite some time! Haven't really done that intentionally. Things have just been pretty busy. I've been working on making custom invitations for our son Tyler's graduation open house. I printed his picture out on textured cardstock. (I edited the picture you see but didn't want to share personal details on this blog; the one I'm sending out has his full name with "Class of 2009" on it. The picture is also framed in black with soft edges.) I then printed out the party details on the same size piece of vellum and attached it with silver brads. The invitation is tucked into a custom made envelope I decorated with patterned scrapbook paper, ribbon and the "celebrate" stamp. I have to say, I'm pleased with how they've turned out! I didn't see anything similar online but the custom ones I DID see had prices starting at $41.99 per 25...yikes, I think that's expensive!

Overall I have been recovering quite well from the surgeries I had, although I've been having severe pain in my arm - the one where they took all the lymph nodes from. You know how it feels when you're having your blood pressure taken and that cuff is at its tightest point? Well, that's how my arm feels ALL THE TIME! Numb and tingly, painful to the touch - just a very odd sensation. I mentioned it to the home health care nurse when she was here a week ago. She checked my arm, felt a bump and suspected a blood clot. I called my family doctor and the oncologist - both of them wanted me to go to the ER to have it checked out. I did. A doppler ultrasound was done. Praise God no blood clot was found! I'm still in pain but glad there was nothing serious. My radiation oncologist prescribed medicine for the pain but I'm honestly not too hip on all the side effects I've read about with this particular one so I haven't gotten the prescription filled and not sure if I will.

I also went to the radiation center to get prepped for my upcoming treatments. Got all marked and molded. Had a CT scan done. They have to take some films this Friday. Then I'll start the actual treatments next Monday. I requested mornings so I don't have to waste my whole day. I'd rather go in, have it done and get on with the day.

No "real" springtime weather here yet...a few nice days thrown in here and there but it has been COLD! I've seen some flowers beginning to bloom and that's always enjoyable.

Hope everyone is doing well and maybe I'll get around to visiting all of you :)


  1. I'm so glad to hear from you! I bet you are so busy with your son's upcoming graduation! We are going through the same thing here too. I'm glad that you are feeling better too, but I'm sorry about the tightness in your arm. I hope that goes away soon. Your invitation is so cute and your son's grad pix is so amazing! He is quite handsome.

    Big hugs, Sharon

  2. He is soo lucky to have mom like you going the special extra mile for his graduation. (At first I thought his was a picture of Adam lambert from American idol! LOL)

    His announcements are beautiful. I know how much dedication, creativity and work that takes to make them. All our info is kept secret and you are wise... You are just an awesome mom.

    I am so sorry you are still having pain in your arm and hope soon it subsides...

    Good luck with everything Shell!!!You are a trouper and I am so happy all is turning out well. I wish they could curb all the pain!
    Prayer really works! And I will still be saying one for you:)
    My son graduates next month also but they were too broke for announcements...and didn't say anything to us. He graduates from Dental school. They are as poor as mice and living on peanut butter and Ramen noodles in separate states across the country. After he graduates they will actually be able to live together since their marriage on Dec. 6th. So glad this period will be over in their lives and they can be poor together... for a while.
    Granduation is a big time in all of their lifes.
    Tell your son congratulations, from a lady in Salt Lake City who cares!!!

  3. The invitations are AWESOME!!! Great job!

    So sorry you are having pain! I hope it remedies itself soon!

    Hugs and prayers! I've been thinking of you!

  4. i know you are going to think i am making this up, but i woke up praying for you this morning!! and now here you are.

    those invitations are amazing. you sure have some talent. i bet he is so excited!

    so sorry to hear about the arm pain but i'm glad to know what i can be praying for. AND I WILL BE PRAYING!!

  5. Michelle, It's great to see you are back. Your son is so handsome. What a great photo. I love your invitations. They are so professional. I'm sorry about the pain in your arm. Is this something that will get better with time? I will keep you in my prayers. I can understand how busy it gets with graduation. Have a great day. Your friend, Kathi

  6. The issue with your arm is weird ... I sure hope it gets better soon.

    We're getting cooler weather too ... maybe some snow tomorrow ... that is in Edmonton.

  7. Hi Michelle,
    The invitations are Beautiful!
    Hope your arm is better soon!
    We've had alot of rain off and on temps up and down ,now looking at 80s for a few days.
    Have a wonderful wk,.end

  8. I love the invites! Way better than just buying some if you ask me...! And, how about that handsome son of yours..what a great pic! Congrats! Thankful no blood clot was found..tense moment I am sounds like you are taking it all in stride and getting done what needs to be done. You are fighting the fight with such grace and bravery....I am so proud of you, my friend. Yes! Sending some sunshine your way....


  10. Hello Michelle, I am so glad to hear you are doing MUCH better, God is wonderful! You are so blessed, My... your son is so Handsome and I love your invitations. I am sorry I have been away, for so long, I have been trying to deal with some personal things and been very alone at it! decided to not do my blog anymore I could not keep up. I will keep checking on you, keep in touch ! XO Diana Lyn

  11. It was good to catch up on what's going on with you! LOVE the invitations!!!!! Really cool!

    I just finished my radiation, and the arm thing just got worse for me. I'm seeing my dr. tomorrow to ask about it. I think the radiation treatments were the hardest of all for me. Strange how different people have different reactions. But during the last week of treatments, I noticed my arm starting to hurt, especially the underarm. Glad yours was not a blood clot.

    Pretty soon, it will all be over for you! It's such a long haul, isn't it? But it does end!!!!


  12. Michelle,

    I'm so glad to read an update from you! I know you've been busy.

    Your invitations are gorgeous - you are so talented with your paper crafting. And, that is quite the handsome photo of your son!

    I hope you start feeling better soon. I'm glad that there isn't anything serious with your arm. I'll be praying as you begin your radiation.

    Have a wonderful week. I'll try to catch you online soon to chat!

    Love and hugs to you

  13. super cute! and I like the invitations too :o)


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