Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Consider this...

I HATE cancer; I absolutely detest even hearing that word these days! I am learning to do things at the moment - when they're on my mind - instead of waiting. Last night I was thinking about one of my mom's sisters so I just picked up the phone and called her. I knew she was waiting to hear results of a recent MRI done on her breast. Aunt Lois was diagnosed with breast cancer in the last couple of years and underwent surgery just over a year ago. She got the news last night....and it's NOT good....the cancer has returned. Please keep her in your prayers. I'd really appreciate that.

So let me just mention a few things to you. Please, please, please - for the sake of you and your loved ones - DO YOUR MONTHLY SELF-BREAST EXAMS! DO NOT put it off if you think you should see the doctor. DO NOT pass it off as nothing. It just might save your life! Also, consider getting involved with your local "Relay For Life" event. (I am unable to participate this year as I'm still undergoing treatment and just don't feel like I have the endurance but I'm going to in the future.)

Day #3 of radiation today. Everything is going along just fine. I am finding the most difficult thing for me is to lay absolutely still during my treatment. Seems like THAT is the time when the bridge of your nose itches or your eyes are watering or you feel like you've got to move your feet! One of the solutions was to have them use a band to keep my feet together and it seems to help.

How is YOUR week going?


  1. I'm so sorry for your Aunt!!!! That is such crappy news and so disappointing, I'm sure. I now dread every future appointment and every test! I'm paranoid over every little pain, too!

    I finished my radiation on the 15th
    and am just starting to feel a little better. The burns were horrible for me, but they are now healing up. I know what you mean about lying still on the table! It seemed to be the time I had to cough, clear my throat, or have an itch somewhere!!!!! I always counted the seconds as I was scared to death it wouldn't stop when it was supposed to. 12 seconds was a loooooong time!!!!!
    Hope and pray today is a good one for you!!!!

  2. So sorry about your aunt. I am glad you called her. We too have received rotten news this week of cancer spreading and it is just evil. It is now in the Rib cage and leg of my BIL fighting Renal lung cancer.

    BLESS YOUR HEART! I am so glad you are cancer free. Sorry about the twitching.

    Thanks for the warning dear friend and just know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Oh, tell Taylor I think she will be a wonderful driver...the conversation on the right made me smile will memories. My daughter shifted into reverse going 40 miles an hour. Moms are suppose to be backseat drivers!


  3. Oh Michelle ~ I'm so sorry about your aunt. I will keep her in my prayers.

    Thanks for the reminder about the breast screening. I've been putting mine off, so I just called and I'm going tomorrow for my mammogram!

    Take care...hugz,

  4. Hi Michelle~

    I'm sure your aunt was glad you called! So sorry about her cancer return. I cannot imagine how hard that is for her and your family!

    Before you know it your treatment will be done : ) Praying for you and your aunt!

    I hope all is well otherwise!!!

  5. So sorry to hear about your aunt. I will definitely keep her (and you) in my prayers.

    I had the privilage to walk in Race for the Cure this past weekend and it is always such a blessing.

  6. Hi michelle,
    So sorry to hear about your Aunt.Will be praying.
    Hope you have a great wk.end!

  7. I hate to hear that about your Aunt. Your family has certainly been hit hard by that C-word. Isn't is wonderful to rest in the assurance that we are all in the care of our Creator, who heals and is in control of every aspect of our lives? I pray every day that you rest peacefully with that.

    We're doing good here in North Carolina - busy busy! It's good though :o) I'll have to email you some updates soon. How are things going with your kids? When's Tyler's graduation? I'm sure you are one proud Mama :o)

    Have a great evening! Love ya girl!

  8. Hi Sweetie, I rememer going through Radiation! YUK! I tried to sleep or sing, it is rather boring, It actually was harder (mentally) on me then Chemo! It was aimed right over my heart! You will be fine, God is watching over you . I pray for you everyday and I will pray for your family as well! XO Diana Lyn


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