Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thrift StoreThursday

Holly is hosting "Thrift Store Thursday" so go check out her blog to see what other treasures have been found!
I'm finally getting around to sharing my fun treasures from the thrift store. I thought this bunny wreath was pretty cute, don't you? (Especially for a cheap price!)
Isn't this little topiary adorable? I added the spring-y ribbon. The bunny says "Happy Easter".
How can ya beat paying 39 cents for this sweet lil bunny figurine?

5 little custard cups for 69 cents. I'm thinking about them all lined up with a candle in each one. How cute would that be?! Gotta think outside the box here.
How 'bout this 3 pc. canister set for about $5? I've been looking for something like these for a while now.
Brand-new picture frames, originally from Target. The markdown Target price was $3.74 for the 4x6 size; $3.24 for the 3x3 size. I paid $1.69 for each one at Goodwill. Gonna paint these guys for sure, as I don't like gray too much.
Got this pedestal for 49 cents. I'll probably give it a spray paint makeover but haven't decided what color or where I'll put it. Just couldn't pass it up at that price!
This plate was definitely my most favorite find of all! Yes, that's cheap curling type ribbon on it right now - ewwww! But I could immediately see the potential and was very thrilled to find it. Great price too, huh?! I'll be sure to share the 'after' soon.

Thanks for looking at my thrift store treasures!


  1. Ooooo Michelle ~ you got some good stuff there! Doesn't it feel so good when you find things so cheap? It sure beats store prices!

    Can't wait to see the after pics!


  2. OH WOW!!!! I love your new treasures! That milkglass plate is soooo pretty!!! I'm glad you got to do some treasure hunting! I really need to, it has been way to long!

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. My, my, my...what cute "pretties" you've found!! I love the prices to be sure!!

    Thanks for sharing...


  4. Great finds, and what great prices! They would've been more at my Goodwill.
    I'd love for you to link this post up with my Thrift Store Thursday tomorrow!

  5. Wonderful finds and wonderful deals!

  6. Wow, you scored some great finds, and those prices are incredible! "My" thrift store haunts are pricier than yours, apparently! ;)

  7. Great finds. I am really jealous of the custard cups! I have been looking for something like them for awhile -- I guess you got them! Haha.... best wishes... Cass

  8. What great finds!!!! I love it when I walk out of the thrift store with an armful of treasures!

  9. I love finds like that. Kinda makes you feel like you beat the system, doesnt it?


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