Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tess the Mess

Please say a little prayer for my daughter Tess (or as she is affectionately known...'Tess the mess' :). She saw the doctor yesterday because she has been experiencing abdominal pain. He ordered blood work but we haven't received any results yet. They do not believe it is her appendix, thankfully - she's not running a fever or anything. Tess is just not feeling well. I've got her home from school with me today. She's resting and taking it easy. I'll keep ya posted on how she's doing. Thanks for praying - it really does make such a difference :)

This will probably be my last post for several days. We couldn't get an appointment with the cable company to set up our cable/internet service *before* next Tuesday...yikes, that will seem like an ETERNITY! ha ha ha But I'll be back around after that :)

Hope you all enjoy a great weekend! Fall is definitely in the air, isn't it? Have any of you visited the apple orchard or someplace like that? Tell me about it...would love to hear!


  1. Praying for Tess right now!!

    and talk with you
    sometime on Tuesday...


  2. Michelle,

    Boy, does she look like you in that I sure hope she feels better soon..praying it is only a stomach virus. Wishing you a relaxing weekend..


  3. Hi Michelle,
    Praying for ya'll.
    Look forward to when you'll be back:o)

  4. Definitely praying for Tess :o)

    Happy Moving Weekend! I'll also pray that everything goes smoothly for you, and please don't over exert yourself!

    I love FALL --- LOVE IT! I'm hoping we'll be going to a local corn maze in the next few weeks --- and then hop by a pumpkin patch to get some beauties for the front porch. Today I'm getting out my fall decor -- well, the "1st phase" like my Apple Cookie Jar and all that fun stuff. Hope you are enjoying some cooler weather as well!

    Talk to you soon!

  5. Hi Michelle ~ I'll be praying for Tess...and will miss you while you're moving. Hope all goes well!

    Haven't gone to the orchard yet...I need to soon so that I can make apple crisp...yum!


  6. Hugs and prayers for your pretty daughter! I hope she feels better soon!

  7. Hi Michelle..are you in your new home??

    I'll pray for Tess..
    I hope it's nothing serious..
    as for apples..does snatching one off a tree on my walk count?? LOL
    it tasted soooo good.

    Hope you're feeling good and healing well.
    smiles, Deena

  8. no apple orchard here but we did go to the Homecoming football game - that feels like fall.

    Hope Tess is feeling better after a long weekend.

  9. I will be praying for Tess. God is so good. Wow, I have been lax in my blogging. We went away on the weekend and I am now back. I miss ya already. I'll be praying for you alot, knowing all you are dealing with right now. Hugs, Kathi


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