Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Newsy Post

Well, I've got plenty of news to share so I thought I'd take a few minutes to do that...

My mother-in-law, Sandy, was cleared by her doctor to go on their previously planned cruise...yay for Sandy & Bob!!!! They both need to get away, that's for sure. They're going with Bobby's aunt & uncle. Sandy REFUSES to get on an airplane so they'll have to drive to FL to board the ship. They will be leaving this Friday. Sandy's birthday and her sister's birthday are one day apart so they will be celebrating their birthdays together on the ship next week :)

As I mentioned earlier, I had my first appointment with the oncologist last week. It went all right, although we are waiting to clear up some things regarding the pathology report about my lymph nodes. There was also a test on my breast tissue that came back as being 'inconclusive' so it will be sent to the Mayo Clinic for additional testing. I'm looking at between 4 & 6 months of chemotherapy and possibly radiation. The oncologist ordered several tests so my next week is packed full of appointments. (Um, guess my unpacking plan has changed!)

Next Monday I will have a bone scan, echo-cardiogram and EKG. Tuesday my plastic surgeon will begin the first of several saline injections into my expanders (part of the reconstruction, you know). Wednesday I get a day off - yay! Thursday is the appointment I dread the very most...the med-port placement. Yuk! I keep thinking about that being put under my skin near my collarbone and I'm just grossed out! (The oncologist made sure I knew it would be visible because he said I am so thin...oh great...glad 'sweater weather' is just about here!) Hmm, then I think about the alternative of being stuck with a needle *every single time* I have chemo and I warm up a little to the whole port idea! LOL (I'm such a BIG baby about needles...oh, how I HATE needles...you'd never have to worry about me becoming a junkie or anything!) I have Friday and the rest of the weekend to get my bearings before I have to have more bloodwork done and return to see the oncologist again.

Remember how I've really been struggling with the hair loss thing? Well, I have to tell you what happened over the weekend. Oh, it's AWESOME!!! My dad's sister is a breast cancer survivor. Aunt Pat had several wigs made when she lost her hair. Five, to be exact. SHE GAVE THEM TO ME! Yup, all five of 'em. Can you believe that?! They're all really cute styles. Only one won't work for me. Now, no offense to any of you auburn haired people out there - my husband is just not a fan of auburn hair. Bobby is pretty easygoing about everything else in life - but he's quite vocal about his dislike for that hair color - it cracks me up, really! It's almost like he's a little boy complaining about hating a certain vegetable or something! LOL So, as you may have guessed, that's the reason one of the wigs won't work for me :)

Now, I was also concerned about the whole possible eyebrow/eyelash loss. It may happen and it may not. I was talking to Bobby's Aunt Pam at church on Sunday (you know, the one who does my hair) and we were discussing all of that. She told me, 'Honey, don't worry about any of that. We'll just tattoo your brows on and get ya fixed up with fake lashes.' Pam went on to tell me that most of the girls who work at the salon wear fake lashes - ooh, guess it's 'in vogue'! ha ha I had completely forgotten that Pam is licensed to do permanent make-up! Her own brows are done and so are my mother-in-law's brows/lips. DUH! So honestly, I'm feeling like I can better face the future knowing I've got several options, ya know. Tell me...do any of you out there have any permanent make-up tattooed on? Do you like it? Have you had any problems?

My dear sister has been helping me out SO MUCH! We're packing & packing & packing. I'm actually not quite sure what I'd do without Lisa :) The days leading up to this weekend's move are passing quickly. Like vaporizing before my very eyes! So much to do and such a limited amount of time - oh well, I have confidence we'll get everything handled just fine. You don't *know* my sister...she's been 'encouraging' me to part with things around here, let's put it like that! ha ha ha She'll say to me, 'aw, you don't really want that, do ya?' I have to chuckle! I tease her that *I'm* coming to her house when I'm better - watch out, Lis!

Hope you're all enjoying a good week! I'm keeping busy but life sure is good and has gotten so much better :)


  1. Oh tattooing your eyebrows? Sounds too permanent to me. But the fake eyelashes are totally in, so go for that and draw your eyebrows on!

  2. The last sentence of your post says it all:

    "I'm keeping busy but life sure is good and has gotten so much better :)"

    I love that!!!

    You know what? About 35 years ago, I had a tumor (benign) as big as a large lemon, removed from my throid gland. I have the incision scar to prove it. In the 4 weeks from the time I found the pea-sized lump in my neck, til surgery, I had put on 28# and all of my eyelashes and eyebrows fell out...and my hair thinned considerably.

    To this day, I have almost NO eyebrows, except what I brush on. My eyelashes somewhat grew back...but not like they were. My hair...well, it came back with a vengence...thicker than ever!!! LOL!!!

    At times, I wore wigs...NOT because my hair loss was that bad, just cuz I could!! LOL!!!

    Sometimes...it bothers me that I don't have permanent eyebrows, especially when going swimming or when it's really hot out and I'm perspiring...or when I have a massage done. So, I'll be watching for answers to your questions about tattooed make-up.


    and have a GREAT move...


  3. I forgot to say...I use a brownish pencil to lightly draw on eyebrows and then a powder eyebrow by Loreal, BARE NATURALE...that has a very nice little brush...and I use ever so little of the powder and apply it OVER the pencil. Works well!! Not permanent, though!

  4. Yes, I will also be very interested to hear about other people's experiences with permanent make-up! My MIL & Bobby's aunt have not had any issues and they both love not having to mess with all of it. Pam's brows (even though they're permanent) just look like they're penciled in...not dark or heavy or unnatural. Same with my MIL.

  5. Hi Michelle,
    So Happy to hear things are looking up for ya'll:o)
    I pray everything gets better! and you get great reports!
    Never had the perm thing ,so can't help you there. "OLD AGE WISODM "lol tells me we are more aware of flaws about ourselves than others are.
    Hope you have a great wk.

  6. Michelle,
    I have two friends (and their moms) who had their eye brows done and LOVE having their make on when they wake up. Both said it is one of the best thing they ever did. Another friend had her eyeliner done because she has MS now and won't be able some day to apply mascara. She loves it! They all look great!
    I enjoyed you sharing your memories of your mom, and you seem to have her good heart.
    Good Luck with the Port and everything else.
    Lots of hugs, Beth

  7. Wow, that was a newsy post!!! It sounds like God is answering each of one of your prayers, even down to the smallest of details. I believe HE does care about every aspect of our lives and he knew how upset you were about losing your hair......and now you have been blessed with those stylish wigs! On a lighter note, thank goodness they weren't old, back in the "old days" in my Mama's time (lol) it was very in vogue to wear a wig. Those things looked so fake but for some reason all women loved them. I remember as a kid I used to get freaked out by the head manequin on her dresser:o) BTW, it looks like everybody is chiming in on the tatoo brows ~ I've never had any experience with them but anything that is "permanent" makes me nervous, well, because it permament(duh lol), and then you're stuck with it. I vote for penciling them in:o)

  8. Glad your MIL is better..and gets to take her cruise..
    No brows, no lashes..not a bit fun..but they will grow back..My lashes are so slow and have always
    been short and wispy..waaah..maybe I'll do the false ones too.
    Glad you got some wigs..let's see pics..teehee

  9. Michelle, I'm so glad your MIL gets to go on her trip! Wow, that is super that you will have wigs to wear. Yay! The port is kinda scary, but like you said the alternative is not a good thing either. You have a busy week ahead. I am know what I'm going to make for you, and I will send it to your new address. Not to add one more thing, but when you get a chance, I'll need that sent to my email. I'm looking forward to making this. It won't take long to make, and I do think you will like it. Talk to you soon, Kathi

  10. Michelle,

    I am glad to hear your MIL can go on that cruise...sounds like too much fun to miss..and I don't blame her for wanting to drive down! I hope all goes well putting your port in...I think it sounds alot better than constant needle poking for sure! Gosh, I hate needles..maybe why that's why I can't sew either..lol! The posts about your Mom were so touching...she was a gorgeous lady! And..who just sews up wedding dresses...wow! I have never enjoyed a close relationship with my Mom..so it is hard for me to understand that connection...but it did make me want to give her a call...just to say hi...

    I know I am new to your blog..but, I just wanted to say that your posts have really moved me..the honesty of them...the way you are choosing to see the good in the situation and not the bad...it is really inspiring..and you have passed through my thoughts quite often lately....and I am really rooting for you to kick cancer's butt...


  11. I wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful spirit and I will be praying for you! Keep the faith and God will do amazing things!

  12. Michelle,

    Wow! You do have a lot of news! I am so happy to hear about your MIL getting to go on her trip! Praise the Lord! I'm sorry that you have to go through so much due to the cancer with chemo and radiation, but God is with you. How neat that he has already taken care of so many of your worries. How wonderful that you get all those wigs! It's so funny abuot your DH not liking auburn hair...that cracks me up!

    You take care of yourself honey. I will continue to pray for you and your family. I pray that you have a full and complete recovery.

    God bless you!


  13. I will be thinking about you and praying for you in the next weeks! I've never done permanent make up but know people who have and it looks great! My friend owns a makeup store and fake lashes are definitely in! :)

  14. Hi Michelle...I'm so glad your MIL gets to go on her trip..that's great! And you don't know how good it feels to hear you say things are going much better. Prayers help so much and you have so many great friends here and we're all behind you prayin!!!

    I would love to have permanent make up done...that's so cool. You'll have to let us know if you get it done!

    Take care girlfriend...hugz,

  15. Michelle-
    What a lot of news you have. I miss a day and look at all I missed out on. So glad that your mil and fil get to go on their cruise. What a blessing that will be for them.

    I will continue to pray for you as you have this busy week filled with things you are not looking forward to. Will especially be praying as you have your port place. This will probably come as no comfort, but my friends and my mil truly said tht the anticipation of it was far worse!

    Praying for you!!

  16. Hey Girl!

    I'm just catching up on your past week. You have certainly been in my prayers every day - and it's so good to hear that the Lord is showing you the blessings in the everyday busies.

    I'm so excited for you and the move. God is so good, and His timing is perfect. I'm sure even with those white walls -- you will put your creative vibes into it, and it will be "home" before you know it.

    How wonderful that you have 4 wigs :o) I'm sure you will be beautiful without one, but I'm sure it gives you great relief knowing they are there for you.

    As I was reading your posts about your Mother, I couldn't help be reminded of YOU and your love for crafts and handmade gifts, your love for people, and mostly your love for God. You have so many of the same wonderful qualities that she had, and I'm 100% sure that you will approach treatment and recovery with just as much grace and class as she did.

    Praying for you...

    PS: thanks so much for the sweet card!

  17. Mornin, Michelle...

    Thanks for the visit this morning. We're going to be busy, but also taking some time out to do some fun things together.

    We'll be praying for you and your move this weekend. Take it slow and easy!!

    Don't forget to email me your new address...


  18. I'm so glad to hear you sound so chipper!!!

    Good luck with the packing and all your appointments! Be sure to send me your new address!

    Thank you so much for the beautiful card! You didn't have to do that with as busy as you are! Thank you also for the well wishes and prayers. Today is a better day and hopefully this is an upswing :)
    I'm not complaining though!

    Have a great day!

  19. Hey whatever works!!! And you have a great insight on it all since Pam already has that and she would be the one to do it you know?
    My Mom's friend has the brows and her friends sister has the lips, (lol that sounds so funny ) and they have had that for some time and swear by them.
    Hey and I was thinking...I could have driven with Sandy!!! haha, tell her next time if she needs a non flight partner, whoohoo I am here! hee hee!

    love ya,

  20. Hey there Michelle, you are all set! no worries! I never lost my eyebrows or lashes,so I lucked out there. they thinned out, I am going to do the eyebrow tatoo,and eyeliner I have a lady that is doin git for 1/2 price cause of my breast Cancer! So happy you were given the wigs. I had to do the needle thing, Awful it was, do the port!!!! I recevied the card you sent thank you! Come by for a visit,when you can , email me about your daughters pain, I have some suggestions! Big Hugs and be keeping your immune system up HIGH, eat lots of antioxidants before your Chemo! XXOO and prayers Diana


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