Monday, September 22, 2008

The Latest News...

Moving is such a HUGE JOB and it's definitely not one of things in life I enjoy, to tell ya the truth! But I am happy to report we are are moved into the new place, Praise the Lord! Now the fun begins of purging again, organizing & putting things away. Our family was very blessed to have a large crowd of people show up on "Moving Day" to help, in addition to many family members who made the hourlong trip to pitch in and get us moved. I can't even tell ya how awesome it was! I had a bit of trouble, though, because I wanted to help more than what I did but I just wasn't physically up to it. It was very frustrating for me and I ended up getting a very bad migraine headache on Saturday afternoon so I spent all of yesterday laying around. I am finally better today and I am grateful for that.

The only thing left to do is go back and clean the other house before we schedule a final walk-through. I really want to get that done ASAP - it's starting to feel like a monkey on my back!

Today I had a few appointments...full body scan, ekg & echo-cardiogram. Everything went fine and my doctors should have the results in a few days.

Tess is also feeling much better. Thanks for praying for her :) We still haven't heard any word on her blood work that was done last week. I find that very frustrating when medical people don't always follow through with what they tell you, don't you? I understand things happen but here we are, waiting and waiting for results. I'm calling tomorrow if I don't hear anything...

Hope you all have a great evening!


  1. Glad you're moved...glad the migraine's gone and glad Tess feels better, too!


  2. So glad you are all moved in now. Soon things will be calming down a bit for you so you can focus on your treatment! Praying all your tests turn out great for you and your daughter!

    Take care!

  3. So sorry about your terrible headache!
    Yahoo for wonderful family and friends!
    Good luck with the cleaning and all the purging. Hopefully Lisa will come to your rescue again:) Give her another hug for me and god bless with ALL your tests coming up. Heavenly Father will continue to help you. Relyon him always to bring your through.
    You are always in our prayers,

  4. HI Michelle,
    Hope all results come back good!
    So glad you have everything moved.:o)
    Happy Autumn!
    Hope you have a great wk.

  5. Michelle...

    I get migraines when I try to do(or think) too much, too. I am glad you realized when to call it quits and rest.'s ok to quit! You continually amaze me with all that you get accomplished...totally making some of us look I hope Tess' blood work is nothin to worry about..get on that phone, woman..and find out what the hold up is...I got your email and I am gonna reply as soon as I have time to put into words all that I wanna say! Take care of you!


  6. Michelle-great to hear from you. Glad you're all moved in and what a blessing to have all that help. Possibly you should be taking it easy??? Also glad to hear that Tess is feeling, hoping you get those results soon. Still praying!

  7. So glad to know that you're all moved in. That was great that you had so many folks helping you out! I really think that cleaning the old house is the worst job of all. I truly don't want to go back to my old house, let alone clean!

    Glad Tess is better...but can't believe they haven't gotten back to you yet!

    Take care,

  8. I'm so glad that the move is over and it went smoothly. What awesome people you have to help you like that! You must have plugged your computer in first thing - hee hee - like any good blogger would do! LOL! I hope your Tess will be okay.

    Blessings to you on this day!


  9. Michelle, I'm so happy you are moved and can become settled. What a loving bunch of people helping; nice blessing. I'm so glad Tess is feeling better, but hope you hear about the blood tests soon. Hugs and prayers, Kathi

  10. Michelle,
    I hope the results were good news from your tests. We haven't heard and I AM CONCERNED.
    So much to deal with so fast! I hope you are getting settled and and not over doing it. I wrote a tribute to my sister who eventually passed away, as did your sweet mom. I hoped you would see it.
    Please continue to know SO MANY are praying for you and your family.

  11. I'm so glad you got the move done..Hope someone will go back and clean for YOU!!

    I pray all your test come back great..!!!

    and that Tess gets a clean bill of health..

    fondly, deena


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