Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tyler's Accident...Revisited

Now you can see why I'm so thankful that our son Tyler's life was spared after the horrible accident back in May...

That picture is showing what's left of Tyler's car sitting northbound in the southbound lane. It's definitely no scene a mother wants to see; especially knowing her child was in that car. My heart is still full of gratitude that it wasn't worse than what it was and we've still got a very active teenage boy living life.

I'm going to go into "lecture mode" for a minute here....

Please, please, please WEAR YOUR SEATBELT (if you don't already)!!!!! It can save your life - my son is proof of that!

I have news about my situation. But out of respect for some family members who haven't been updated yet - I'm going to have to wait to update the rest of you. But I will soon, OK?

Until next time,


  1. I am VERY glad your Tyler was okay. That picture is downright scary to look at.

    I am a hardcore wear-your-seatbelt advocate myself. Thanks for continuing to spread the word!

    The Lettered Cottage

  2. I'm so glad Tyler survived that awful accident! Seatbelts are not an option!


  3. Wow Shell, it was sure smacked up. Im so glad Tyler came out of that ok!
    I just emailed ya back.

  4. WOW! You can tell the angels must have been surrounding Tyler so he was ok. I used to handle car accident insurance claims and I've seen people die in much less damage then that. Praise God!

    I hope your news is good. I think you are a wonderful person to make sure that your family hears all the news from you rather then reading it here. Good for you.

    Big hugs,

  5. Hi Michelle,
    On My Goodness, Ya'll are Blessed to still have Tyler with you!;o)
    I hope you have good news to share!
    My Love,thoughts, and prayers are still with ya'll!

  6. That just leaves me speechless, words cannot describe it like that photo does. I cannot imagine how you must have felt pulling up to that wreckage and seeing it. God blessed you with TONS of strength!!


    And thank God he was a kid who wasn't *too cool* to put that belt on!!! Smart guy.......

  7. As a mom, I just wanted to cry at the sight of that car! Thank goodness he was protected that day and doing fine now.

    You're still in my thoughts daily Michelle. I'll check back later for your updates. Take care.

  8. When you look at the car it seems impossible that he survived. That is amazing. I am glad he is okay.


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