Sunday, July 27, 2008

"We Are Family"...and we even have our very own celebrity

Has that song by 'The Pointer Sisters' been going through your head yet? LOL We are family, yeah, I got all my sisters and me.... LOL Seriously, just like my title said - we've got our very own family celebrity and her name is JILL PARR. She's a very talented Christian recording artist with a voice that will just blow you away! Jill lives with her music producer husband & 4 children near Nashville. She and two of her children came up to MI for a visit this week. We enjoyed seeing them soooo much!

I'm gonna throw out a little trivia here. Do you remember the 'Christmas Shoes' song by Newsong? Are you familiar with Nicole C. Mullen? Jill toured with them a few years back. Pretty awesome, huh?

The family party was at the home of Jill's parents. Taylor, Tess & I stayed over after everyone else had left. We ended up sitting outside on the swing talking to Jill until 1 AM!!! (Whoa, am I tired today!) We had a blast catching up and shared a lot of laughs.

These are a couple of covers from Jill's CDs. I would encourage you to check out her music. Here's a link...
Bobby and Jill having some fun singing together...Bobby is very quick-witted and good naturedly makes up funny songs about different family members. (Not anything mean - just pure hilarity - goofy, outlandish stuff - you can't help but laugh!)
From left to right...Tess, Jill, & Taylor. The girls A-D-O-R-E Jill and love it when we get to see her!
Awww, look at us - aren't we all so cute? ha ha ha I love my husband and kids sooooo much :)
Sometimes I'm still amazed at Bobby's musical talent even after all these years. He's never had a piano lesson; yet he can play just about anything. His whole family is like that.
Tess is quite the little singer. She's not shy in front of a crowd or anything! I sure would be :) She definitely takes after her dad!
Tyler - doing one of the things he loves best...jamming on the guitar.
Bobby with his Aunt Pam. (She's also my hairdresser :)
The three 'Singin' Sisters'...their voices blend beautifully together :) My mother-in-law is in the middle.
Bobby's 85 year old grandma went for a ride on the Harley! We teased her about riding off to go get a tattoo :)
...but she didn't come back with one! LOL
Taylor, Tess and me...I feel very loved :)
Mother and son...Bobby enjoys a close relationship with his mom.

We had a really wonderful time at the party. I laughed a lot and it was good for me. I N-E-E-D-E-D to laugh, ya know. Oh, and it was almost kinda like we had us a little church going on, too! ha ha A big group of family members gathered around me to pray about my recent sweet was that :) Everyone was very loving and supportive of me.

Thanks for peeking in at our little family go listen to some of Jilly's music...go, whatcha waitin' for!

Until next time,


  1. Sounds like God has blessed your family with a lot of tallent.

    Looks like you had a blast that day.

    I have NO DOUBTS you are loved very very much!


  2. Hi Michelle,
    Looks like a Wonderful gathering!
    I am so HAPPY to hear you got to laugh and have fun!:o)
    My Family has music tallent all but me, not sure what happened there.
    My Love, thoughts, and prayers are with you!
    Hope ya'll have a good week!

  3. Looks like a awesome time Shell :)
    I love the family pic of y'all and the pic of you and Tess and Tator :) Very nice. You look so pretty in these pics Shell. You always take great pictures!!!
    I love family sing songs. I wish we had that in my family but not one of us can carry a tune LOL But I sure love singsongs with friends who can sing, so fun, especially worship songs, love it.
    So glad you had a nice time :)
    Love c

  4. Hi Michelle! Looks like you had one amazing weekend! You come from a very talented and blessed family! I didn't realize that you are from Michigan! I am too! Praying for you and your appointment today!

  5. What a great time. Spending time with family can be so much fun. It looks like you had a great day.

  6. Hi Michelle, I've been reading your blog and I have to tell you it looks like you have a great family and with all the love and support going your way I know God will bless you. Prayers are going up for you.

  7. Michelle, You have such a beautiful family. You are very blessed, and loved. I enjoyed all of your photos. I will look up Jill Parr on her myspace. How cool that you have a celebrity in the family. I will ask her to be my friend on myspace. I will keep you in my prayers Michelle. Please keep us posted on your up coming doctor visits. Hugs, Kathi

  8. love love LOVE those pictures! I'm so glad you got to get away with the family... much needed.

    still praying!

  9. It looks like that was exactly what you needed! I love get-togethers like this. A celebrity! How cool! My Dad could play the piano by ear, and it never ceased to amaze me how he could hear a song, and sit down to the piano and play it! I took lessons 9 years, and still can't do that.
    Love the cake, too!


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