Sunday, July 6, 2008

Things That Make You Go "HUH?"

OK, I had a really strange experience the other night at the cemetery when I was visiting my mom's grave. I live one hour away from my hometown, the place where my mom is buried. I do make it a special point to go by the cemetery if I'm in town or whatever. My sister lovingly plants flowers there and takes care of them every year. (Thanks, Lisa!) So I'll just run by there to water the flowers, etc. if they need it. (It's not like I hang out at the grave cause I certainly don't need to look at some headstone all the time to remind me of my mother's absence, ya know? Oh, some days are so hard.)

But back to the weird thing that happened the other night.....

Have any of you ever seen SPEEDING CARS DRIVING THROUGH THE CEMETERY???? You know how narrow those little roads are!

I was standing there alone and all of a sudden I heard REALLY LOUD rap music blaring from 2 speeding vehicles coming MY direction!!! I wasn't afraid or, I was actually wondering why someone would act like such an idiot in a cemetery! I just looked at them for a minute or two before I got back into my vehicle.

A bunch of people got out from each car - the group included some smaller children who started hopping up and down and over headstones. That's NOT cool, in my opinion. (The adults weren't telling them to stop - in case you were wondering or thinking they were just 'being kids'.)

Honestly, I just sorta shook my head and thought how odd that whole scene just was. Not that there's some "RULE BOOK OF ETIQUETTE" about how one should act when in a cemetery - but c,mon people, let's have a little respect for the dead, all right? I drove away thinking how it just takes ALL KINDS of people to make up this world :)


  1. These days I wonder "OFTEN" What happened to RESPECT????
    We can't keep flower's on my Mom ,Dad,or 2 Brother's graves for people stealing them. Sad!
    Some people are what I call head shaker's you just have to look at them and shake your head!
    Hope you have a good wk.

  2. Unbelieveably rude and disrespectful! Unfortunately, that's what the world is like today. So sad isn't it!?!

  3. I have come to the conclusion that NOTHING is sacred anymore. The scary part is that the children are learning these behaviors from their parents . . . .we have such a horrible situation with our next door neighbors, kind of like the people you were describing. I am at a loss as to what to do, it is so upsetting ~ and I'm talking about people in their late 40's here. UGH I'm so sorry you had to deal with that, Michelle.

  4. There is no respect for anything ....
    Most of my family is in a cemetery about a half hour from here, we try and go weekly, my Mom and myself and the kids.......
    I have seen people sun bathing, young people hanging out and setting up a picnic with BEER, (when they left I walked over to the headstone to find out it was an 18 year old, evidently a friend of theirs, oh and they were kind enough to leave him a beer bottle )
    I have seen it all, it just disgusts me.
    Makes ya wonder......

    Love ya!!!!

  5. I agree completely! It's very frustrating to "keep up" the graves, when other people don't mind "borrowing" your flowers. :o/
    I was taught to respect the gravesites, too. You don't go around jumping and stomping on them.


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