Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm So Happy!!!!!

Wow, I'm soooo excited!!!!!! I just found out I won the lovely Paris giveaway hosted by Joanne Kennedy @ My Little Cottage in the Making blog! I never win anything so this is absolutely wonderful! THANK YOU, JOANNE!!!!


  1. congrats! I remember entering that one and thinking how gorgeous everything was! So glad this win made you happy!

  2. Hi Michelle:

    Congrats. I never win anything either so I can imagine your delight. Enjoy.

    Debbie Kay

  3. Congratulations on winning!!!! Yeah! What fun!!!

  4. Hello Michelle, Thank you for the comment, Yay, for you winning that giveaway, I had never won anything till I became a blogger, everyone is so nice! I love doing giveaways, I am sorry for you losing your Mother to Cancer, I hope you are deligent in getting your Mammograms!! Big hugs to you ! Have a wonderful Day! Diana Lyn

  5. Hi Michelle,
    THANKS so much for visiting me and now I can visit you:) You won some lovely treasures:) I'm hoping to win some tresures at some point:) I'm still learning this blogging business. See you soon. Warmly, Deb

  6. Congrats!!!!! You deserve the Best!:o)
    HAve a great wk.

  7. Looks like some great goodies there. Congrats. Thanks for your visit.

  8. Oh thats awesome Michelle!
    Im so happy it was YOU that won :)
    Joanne is wonderful, I just started to get to know her and she even wants to meet me when we go to California in October because she lives close to where were going. Cool hey.
    Sooo happy for you :) :)

  9. Sorry it took me so long to pop in again. But you know how time slips away this time of year!

    I'm so happy you are happy that you won this. I hope you enjoy it.

    It's on it's way to you so keep an eye out for that mailman.

    I have another giveaway going on. It's called Christmas in July. If you are interested stop by.



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