Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Oh, I KNEW it couldn't last forever...I KNEW the day was going to come when I'd open my mailbox and find it...Well, TODAY was that day! I opened the mailbox and found a {gasp} JURY QUESTIONNAIRE!!! Ugh, I DO NOT want to serve on a jury! Yes, yes, I know - it's my civic duty to do so - blah, blah, blah. Guess what? I don't care 'cause I don't wanna do it. I already know I don't have a choice in the matter. Yup, I'm aware of that. But I still don't want to....

My sister, my dad, my step-mom, my sister-in-law...they've ALL been called upon countless times throughout the years for jury duty. Interesting how I never have been til now. My husband never has either. Hmmm, kinda weird, if ya ask me.

In other news, my son (Mr. Computer Whiz guy) told me he thinks my printer is done for. Something to do with the USB port. That's why it won't upload any of my pictures. I'm sad...I've got SO many to share! The 4th of July picnic, some recent home projects (interior/exterior)...guess I'll have to figure out Plan B :)

Well, hope everyone is having a great week so far. I'm off to fill out my jury questionnnaire.


  1. I used to get called to jury duty all the time. Then several years ago I was on a jury for a murder trial. Well the guy was a serial murderer. That trial went on for almost 6 months.

    He was the scariest guy too. Found guilty of 5 counts of murder and got the death penalty all 5 times. He also had a trial date for the next county over where he was up for 8 more murders.

    Thankfully I was the alternet juror. I would hated to be the one who said guilty to this guy. He even killed people while in prison. Scared me to death.

    Hope you get a nicer trial then I did.


  2. I always wanted to be called for jury duty! LOL I dont know but I always wanted to. I dont know anyone personally who ever did that. I dont know if its common in Canada or not. Hmm strange who knows but I seriously dont know anyone who ever did it or even heard anyone talk about it before. Ive only heard of jury duty from TV LOL

  3. I was called about 11-1/2 years ago when I was still nursing Alaina. I don't know how they do things there, but I went the first day, and sat for three hours, while others petitioned the judge to be excused from jury duty. I had pumped enough milk to leave with my mom, so I figured I could serve if it didn't take forever. I ended up not having to serve because the baliff told those of us who *didn't* get out of it, that there was a judge's meeting later in the week, and we would only have to be there two days. I didn't even have to go back the next day, as I was not chosen to serve on a drunk driving case. The reason? I raised my hand when the attorney asked if anyone objected to drinking and driving. Amazingly, I was the only one that did, and I was excused. :o)
    whoops. sorry for the book.

  4. Oh man........personally I have not gone either, thank God and have no desire to. I pray it will not be anything long and drawn out!
    Oh geez, that aggravates me just thinking you have to go!
    What is your plan *B* for the printer!!??


  5. Hi Michelle,
    I know just what you mean!
    I've been called 2 times. I had Drs. excuses I was caretaking for both parents and got out of it.
    I know the civic duty ,blah,blah,but....... I feel as you do .
    Have a good day.

  6. I did my civic duty earlier this year. It was the first time ever. It took 2 days of my time but actually I was with some pretty fun people which made the whole process enjoyable.

    So sad about your printer...luckily now a days they're not that expensive but it's still a hassle. Good luck.


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