Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Graduation Party Season

Yep, it's that time of year again...graduations. Some years we've known a lot of graduates (like this year) and other years we've only known of 1 or 2. What has your experience been? So far we've been invited to 8 graduation parties. Only a couple overlap each other so we'll be able to attend almost all of them.

I've been making a lot of cards lately. Some graduation ones (as shown above), as well as thank you ones for the kindness so many people showed to us after Ty's accident.

Oh, don't ya just LOVE the latest picture of our kids?! LOL Tyler was telling me not to take the picture, Taylor was fine with it and Tess? Well, as you can plainly see by her expression, she was rather less than enthused! (By the way, Tess really does have another eye and doesn't always curl her lip like that! HA HA HA HA) We were at a graduation party and not one of our kids wanted to be was for the daughter of one of Bobby's cousins. The kids didn't know her and were not real happy when we told them we were going to the party as a family :) Gotta love that adolescent attitude! LOL


  1. Hi Michelle,
    Love the Family pics.:o)
    Love your cards. We're like you get tons one yr. 1 or 2 the next .THis yr. 0, we'll make up next
    Have a great day!

  2. Hi Michelle, I was out taking a walk through Blog land and walked into your blog Via- my Dear friend Donna Lynn, Hope you don't mind, Your family is beautiful, You are very blessed as I read the stories, your son is very blessed also, glad he i ok! stop by for tea sometime! have a wonderful day! Diana Lyn(one of the Lynn sisters) :o)

  3. I loved that pic of the kids and Tess face LOL. so funny LOL so cute though!
    Everything looks awesome :)
    love c

  4. First of all, you are GORGEOUS!!!! and that is what my hair is SUPPOSED to look like, haha!
    Your kids are just beautiful and you husband just a doll.
    I have been invited to only one graduation this year.....and hardly none in previous years.
    I love the cards you make, can you tell me where you find the paper etc like to make the grad card? It looks really unique! I have made only a handful of cards in my day, but nothing at all compared to yours, I would pay for yours!!!

    ok have a great day!
    Love Always,

    and forever thanks for your kind words on my blog, you are such a sweetie!!!

  5. Yes, this seems to be the year of graduations for us too...last count I think we'd received about 5 or so.

    I love the picture of you and hubby...adorable!

    The picture of your darling kids is classic...I've got albums filled with the same know the ones with the attitudes!

  6. Hi Michelle!
    What a great looking family you have and so are you! Thanks for stopping by my porch party! Where are ya in Mich?
    Oh boy...grad parties...about around here probably at least for the next 3 years till my sweet Michaela graduate in 2 years! So I get them NOT wanting to go to a party...hehehe!
    Hope to talk with you again...

  7. I remember those days...when I had 4 teens at home...

  8. Hi Michelle,
    Your family is adorable. I saw your message at one of the porch parties saying you were from Michigan. I am also from Michigan and thought I would drop by to say hello. Enjoy your summer.


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