Friday, June 6, 2008

The Crazy Candy Bouquet Lady

Ooooh, I'm afraid if I don't stop making these candy bouquets, that's what I'm gonna become known as....THE CRAZY CANDY BOUQUET LADY....ha ha ha ha ha I'm just kidding!

Seriously, though, someone saw the one I'd made for Mary (look a few posts back) and asked my husband if I already had any made up. I didn't, but he checked with me, then told this person I'd be happy to make I got my first real order! (Finished project pictured above.) What's so hilarious is I didn't set out to start selling these things!

I also included that adorable little "M & M" tag with the bouquet. It's just scrapbook paper applied to a plain old white tag. I added a "For You" label I'd made with my handy dandy label maker. (I LOVE my little label maker!)

The first picture shows a candy bouquet given as a "Sweet 16" gift for one of my daughter Taylor's friends. Taylor said her friend LOVED it, as well as other people at the party. I was really glad to hear that :) I later found out the birthday girl's grandma wants to order one!


  1. They are so cute! You do a great job.


  2. I am tellin' ya you have got yourself a mini business there!!!
    Think of Valentines day! or Christmas!!! They look beautiful!


  3. You already know I love it and please start a business doing this before someone else in your town or in Michigan starts one!!! :) :)
    love ya

  4. What a cute bouquet...and much easier than a cookie bouquet from scratch. I love it.


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