Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Creative Thank-You

I finally got my little project done to say "THANK YOU" to the hospital staff who took care of Tyler after his accident. I made a trip to the hospital yesterday afternoon to deliver it. They all loved it and expressed how much they'd enjoyed taking care of him!

I made the card reflective of Tyler's personality. Notice the music theme?! I included a note inside updating them on Tyler's recovery. See that tag? It was attached to the arrangement and had our names on the back of it.

That vase was something I'd picked up at Goodwill a couple years ago. The ribbon for the flowers came from a large bag of assorted ribbon from the dollar store. The candy was also rather inexpensive. Overall, it's a pretty cheap, creative way to thank someone :)


  1. As usual, I love everything you do :) :)
    Love Candy

  2. Adorable...and thoughtful! I still say we need a tutorial (hint hint).

  3. You are such a sweetie! :o)

  4. So cute! I love the candy bouquet! How did you attach the candy? What a fabo thank you for the hospital staff! How is Tyler doing?

    Hugs, Sharon

  5. And of all was made with tremendous gratitude and was totally from the bottom of your heart. You are such a wonderful lady! It turned out so beautiful!


    and YOUR hair was my big encouragement on getting mine cut!!!!


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