Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm Back And I've Been Tagged!

Things have been busy, busy, busy lately so I really haven't been around Blogland too much! I've been tagged by Kathi @ Feathering My Nest blog to show my teacup collection. Well, I don't exactly have a collection - that I drink tea out of anyway. I used to have a teacup theme decor in my dining room when we lived in another house. But all that stuff is packed away; otherwise I'd show ya.

I don't drink hot tea too much anymore...just cold sweet tea. But I DO drink coffee every single morning so I'll show ya some of our coffee mugs :)

But we had a little challenge with being able to take coffee on-the-go in the morning. I made a little trip to our local Gordon Food Service store and took care of that by buying styrofoam cups & lids. So THAT'S what I usually use every morning :)

Thanks, Kathi, for tagging me to play along!


  1. LOL your so funny Shell! I love that you included that cup from Gordon Food Service. LOL hilarious! Thats so something I would do too LOL
    I love that little black mug!!
    love c

  2. That is so funny that your first picture is of the styro foam cup!!
    It is by far the easiest thing to work on the run!
    One time I saw a lady leave her house with a nice coffee mug, and get in her car...I remember thinking, wow she is using a real coffee mug. So the next day I made coffee and put it into one of my cute mugs and got into the car.....well like a block later I ask myself, where in the world do I put this thing!!?? It doesn't actually FIT into the car holder?? yeh I know stupid idea, lol.



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