Thursday, May 29, 2008

Look What I Made

As you know, my husband was out of town when Tyler's accident happened. Our family lives out of town so I called one of my husband's co-workers right after I found out and she drove the girls & me to the hospital. It was such a great help, considering I was really in no condition to be driving. Mary was right there - giving directions to my father-in-law to get to the hospital, taking Taylor & Tess to the cafeteria so they could eat something, driving Tess to stay overnight at a friend's house, etc.

I wanted to show Mary how much I appreciated her kindness to us so I made her a candy bouquet! I also made a card for her. I took it into work today and she really liked it - yay! Several people commented they thought it was pretty neat :)

I'm also in the process of making a few more - one for the pediatric floor at the hospital and another for the mom of Tess's friend who cared for Tess for a few days.

Here's the website where I originally got the idea for the candy bouquets -

I used some of those ideas as a basic guide and just added my own creativity.

I'll be sure to post pictures of the other finished candy bouquets. Try making'll have fun!


  1. I *LOVE* the candy bouquet!!!!!!!
    And will now be stealing that idea :) mua ha ha ha haaaaaaaa
    No seriously, Im stealing the idea...
    just imagine...a candy bouquet ..from "candy" Yep, Im SO stealin that idea.
    THANKS :) :) :)

  2. First off, I'm cracking up over Candy's comment:o) That is such an adorable idea, Michelle. I'm sure the lady was really happy to receive such a darling, thoughtful gift. What would we do without friends? :o)

  3. Candy's comment is so funny. I love your candy bouquet. What a darling idea. The card is so cute and creative too. How wonderful to have kind people step in and help us in these times of need. I'm so glad you had lots of people looking out for you during that time. God is so good. Hugs, Kathi

  4. What a great idea for a thank you. I'm going to check out the website...thank you for the idea.

  5. That is so sweet! You're very thoughtful, and it shines through in your posts! (and e-mails) :o)
    Great idea! Everyone loves candy!

  6. Hi,What a Great idea.:o)
    Hope everyones improving your way.

  7. Hi Michelle, I tagged you to show your coffee or tea cups. Have a great weekend. Kathi

  8. What a wonderful and cute gift, Michelle! I can see why your friend loved it!

  9. Hi Michelle. I'm just stopping by to say Hi. I will continue to pray for you and for Tyler. Blessings, Kathi


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