Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gearin' Up For Some Fun!

I have to tell you something....I LOVE playing air hockey! Not that I play all the time or I'm exactly good at it, mind you, but I think it's such a blast! My brother was getting rid of this air hockey table at my dad's garage sale. Guess nobody wanted to buy it so he offered it to me...yay! And it was cool is that?! Taylor & I picked it up from my dad's last night.

We have a finished basement and my plan is to create a fun hang out space for the kids. (That's where the air hockey table is going.) The color scheme is black/white/tan and I'm planning to decorate with various "Far Side" stuff. Part of the basement is also Tyler's bedroom (he's recovering quite well, by the way) as well as my craft/sewing/scrapbooking area. I'll have to share photos of the finished area when I'm done.

Thanks for birthday wishes for Tess - she says THANK YOU!!! Thanks also for the kind words about the scrapbook :-)


  1. Hi Michelle,
    What a great way to get extra time with the kids:o)
    Have a great wk.

  2. I LOVE air hockey, it is sooooo addictive!!!! I think that is a great idea about the basement, I am doing the same thing here. It is a little much to have my son and 6 of his 13 year old friends crammed in one bedroom on a hot summer day, whew! They have the guitars in there, the amps, video games ...the whole bit, I am sure you totally get it, ha! So I promised myself to get things together and get the basement looking cool! You would think it would be easy since the basements are finished, I mean the hard part is alreasy done for us right!? But I am still slow starting with that! Ok have a great night!


  3. That will be such a great area for the kids as well as adults! Gordon loves him some foosball (sp?) air hockey is my thing!
    Your girls are so pretty, like you, and I hope Tess had a wonderful birthday!

  4. Hi Michelle...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I Just love blogging because of the wonderful people I have met and all the wonderful stories they have.
    I too enjoy air will have many hours of fun with your kids. Let the house go and spend time with goes by so fast...I remember when my now 16 1/2 year old was 12...where did the time go! She is driving and more out and about now. I miss those days.
    You have a blessed day!

  5. How fun! And very exciting that you got it for free!

  6. I have only played air hockey a few times and it was fun. How exciting that you got it for free! Your room sounds perfect! I can't wait to see the "after" pictures! I am so happy that Tyler is doing so well! Praise the Lord!

    Hugs, Sharon

  7. what fun! you'll be a pro before you know it :o) and I can't wait to see your basement when it's all done. I just love your sense of style and decorating!

    So glad to hear that Tess had a great birthday! Our internet has been on the fritz here lately, sorry I haven't been by much. I hope you are doing great!

  8. Hey, Michelle, thank you for always being so supportive. You're a sweetheart. My business is going very slowly...I'm still trying to figure out a marketing strategy to get myself out there. I've passed out cards to some businesses along the way & talked it up, but there has to be more I can do. I'm waiting right now for a freebie ad to come out in a local newsletter. HOping that will generate some phone calls. I'm sure I could be doing more to get my name out, but I haven't quite figured that out yet. I've always heard that word of mouth is the best advertisement & I have yet to get a lot of that going.

    Unfortunately, our economy is slow too & it's not the best time for people to spend money. But, I'm not giving up, I'll keep plugging along until I start to get some business going. It will happen in time, I'm sure of it.



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