Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Spray Paint Tips?

Got a few questions about spray painting furniture. It seems like I've never had much success when I spray paint. I try to put on light coats but they always seem to be too heavy. Then the end result looks streaky. The project I have in mind right now is to redo my outdoor table & chairs for the deck. I bought a new umbrella for this season and I'm planning to make slipcovers for the cushions. I can envision everything all pulled together...the table & chairs all done in a new color, the table set, flowers in pots, a new gazebo (ah, I'm dreaming about that!)...but first I've gotta get that furniture redone! So, bring on the tips, okay? Any and all will be much appreciated...oh, and thanks in advance :-)


  1. I wish I had some tips but I havent spray painted before. I want to spray paint my table though but I dont have anywhere to do it since we live here on the 4th floor in this condominium. Its not like I can easily take our big table and 8 chairs down the hallway, down the elevator and outside LOL (though thatd be pretty funny :D haha)

  2. LOL You're so funny, Candy...can you imagine that?! I can just see ya lugging that stuff down the hallway...oh, the looks you'd get from your neighbors! he he

  3. I wish I coul help..I try a ligth coat too..let it dry and another light coat..but I get runs too..

    Just Fuzz now..hope to be curly

  4. Good luck- If you are spraying white, we find a sweeping coat of kilz sprayed, then lightly sanded gives a much better look- also, turn the can upside down every once in a while while you are spraying to clear the 'airway'- it will stop those splatters!
    Good Lock!

    kari & kijsa

  5. Oh you know how I love to paint furniture :o)

    Make sure you have a smooth clean surface. I usually just use some good ol' soap and water. Let is dry completely then you're ready to go.

    I agree that Kilz is great for white.

    Just keep the can as upright as possible, and spray 8-10 inches away from the surface. I know it will look like you are missing it, but if you let that first coat dry, the other coats will go on better. It's all about layering.

    You can do it... and it'll look great! Don't forget to post pictures! :o)

    Have fun!

  6. Wow those are great tips above! I want to do my basement table and I am terrified to get the spray paint out, but so much money can be saved by re vamping! I never thought I would want to *re do* something instead of buying it new.
    I cannot wait to see the end result of your projects!!


  7. I saw a show on HGTV many years ago about this. They did just as Jennifer recommended, and they used a side to side "sweeping" motion so there wouldn't be any drips on the ends. It eventually covers very well, but it takes several coats with drying time in between. That's all I know about that. :oD

  8. I've never had sucess with spray painting ,sorry I'm no help.
    Hope you have agreat day!

  9. Michelle, I too have had drips when spray painting. Sharon spray paints everything, with success. I'll tell her to come over and help. Those tips from others were helpful to me. My husband could give you tips too, but he is on a business trip presently. I know he has a very clean and dry surface. No wind is essential. Spraying in the morning usually helps keep the wind down. You need ventilation, but no wind. I see my husband always letting something dry for a while between light coats. Good luck, Michelle. Hugs, Kathi

  10. I love to use spray paint rather then paint in a can. To me it is so much easier.

    What I do is make sure I have a clean (no dirt or dust) item that is fully dry.

    Then start to spray off the item, holding the can in the area you want to paint but a few inches to the side, this allows the spray to start and be spraying smooth before you get to your item. Then sweep sideways and go off the item to the other edge. Again, it keeps your item from having running paint.

    One other thing is to give light coats. Don't try to cover it all with one spray. When you do you will build up the paint and it will drip or have puddles.

    Also, don't hold the can to close to the item you are going to paint. That causes to much paint to land on the item and again, drips and puddles.

    Let dry between all your coats of paint and you should be fine.

    Good luck! Be sure to post your item when finished.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck winning.


  11. Hello! I'm new to your blog but thought I'd leave a comment...

    When I spray paint I do what the others are suggesting...light coats in short quick movements, keping the can at a distance, not too close.

    You'll have to show us the finished results!


  12. Michelle,
    I wish I had some really good tips but I am the impatent one who paints on too much at once instead of painting in layers and letting them dry. Here is my tip don't paint like me. LOL

  13. Well, you got a lot of great advice~ Can't wait to see the finished project!

  14. Hi! I just popped on over from Kathi's blog! I LOVE polka dots too!

    We here at my house are painting freaks, and we have spray painted many items... some not so well, but we have learned! All the tips above are awesome. The one that I would add is to be sure to buy a spray paint trigger (I'm sure there is a more technical name for it!). You can find them at any home improvement store and it's like a plastic gun that fits over the paint can's nozzle!

    Let me tell you! It has saved us many tired fingers! Now the paint comes out as you pull the trigger, not as you push down hard till your finger turns white!
    Hope that helps! Happy painting!

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