Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tess the Mess Celebrates The Big "1-2"

Beautiful flowers, beautiful girl! Tess is growing up to be a lovely young lady.
I LOVE this picture of Tess. So cute, huh?!

Everything was waiting for the birthday girl that morning. Taylor couldn't stand it (the suspense of the gift was killing her) so she woke Tess up!

I enjoy making and giving handmade cards. There's just something so special about that, I think.
I cut out the back pocket of an old pair of jeans that once belonged to Taylor & Tess (they share clothes now, ya know!), then just added a flower sticker for the cover.
"T" is for Tess!
"The Many Faces of Tess"...

"You & Me"...
"Life Is Good!"...
"Unforgettable Times"...
"Laughter" and "Fun Fun Fun"...
"Dream Big" and "Use Your Imagination"...
Tess said these two were her favorite pages out of the whole book. The pages say "Look at us" and "Hangin' out".
See that "12" right under the girl's feet on the right hand page of the book? Well, I intentionally did that so we'd remember what birthday year this was! ('Cause I've had those years when the only thing that saved me was counting how many candles were on the cake in the picture! Have you ever done that?!) ha ha ha I obviously didn't show each and every page of the scrapbook but you get the general idea of how it turned out.

Tess enjoyed a fun birthday celebration. The girls & I met Bobby for lunch (Tyler was out of town), then it was off to the mall for Tess to spend some of her birthday cash! She's quite a savvy shopper, I have to tell ya. For $20 she was able to get TWO dresses, TWO necklaces and a handbag...WOW! (She's definitely her mother's daughter shopping on those sales racks! ha ha) Last night Tess invited one of her good friends to go see a movie and stay overnight.

Thanks for looking! Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful weekend :)


  1. Its awesome Michelle :)
    And love the pictures of Tessie...simply beautiful.

    Love Candy :)

  2. Awwwwwww..........How sweet!:o)
    Have agreat wk.end!

  3. What beautiful girls you have!!! And the scrapbook is awesome, I absolutely have to make one of those, and yeh I hate it too when I am looking at a box of pictures thinking ok now what birthday is this from!!??? And I am sure something like this ...home made would make a perfect gift to friends etc......
    Hope she enjoyed her special day, what a sweetie she must be! Just like her MOM!!!!

    Love ya,

    Ty is doing good?? thank the good Lord....

  4. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Tess! It sounds like she had a great 12th birthday.

    Michelle, I love the scrapbook you made especially for her...she will treasure it always!


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