Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our Boy Is Home!

Just wanted to let y'all know Tyler was discharged from the hospital about 5 p.m. so we've got him home now! We're getting him all settled in.

Thanks again so much for your concern and prayers; each and every single one is so much appreciated!

People from our church have scheduled meals to be brought to our family through next, what a blessing that has been!

I'll continue to update. Thanks again!

P.S. Taylor's rugby team won 1 game and lost 1 game in the playoffs today :)


  1. Welcome Home Tyler! Feel better soon!

  2. Thank the Lord, give him big hugs and kisses and tell him they are from all your friends in the *blogworld*!
    And another big hug for Taylor and her team, way to go!!!!

    hang in there Michelle!


  3. Praise God! I'm still praying!

    Hang in there! ((hugs))

    Jen in MS

  4. Keeping him in prayer for speedy recovery.
    Candy :)

  5. I happy that he is alright, a mother (and fathers) worst nightmare that something happend to our children!

    Hugs from Singapore

  6. Hi Michelle,
    Ya'll are still in my prayers and thoughts.
    So sorry to hear about your sis& Newphew.
    Hope things just keep getting better!

  7. Michelle, It's amazing that Tyler is home!!! Praise God. God is working miracles in his life!! It's awesome; when we pray; God hears!!!! I have more to write, but I'm overly scheduled. Hugs, Kathi ps The first person he called was MOM!

  8. Yey, that is such wonderful news, Michelle! Prayers continue for all of you:o) Thanks goodness for the blessed church's casserole committee!! YUM

  9. oh so happy that he is home....thank you LORD.

  10. Praise the Lord for his mercy and grace! I am soooo thankful this story has a happy ending. I was praying for your whole family so much over the last few days. I am so, so thankful!

    God bless you!



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