Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just Call Me 'NURSE LADY'!

Just thought I'd share a few pics with ya. Tyler's still in a great deal of pain but he's getting around some on his crutches. Bobby & I decided to take him out yesterday for a bit of fresh air and a change of scenery. Bobby & Tyler went into Guitar Center and played around for about an hour. I think it was good for him to get out but we could definitely tell when it was time to get Ty back home.

Not trying to be gross in showing ya the x-ray. Just wanted to show the break, though. The night of the accident and right up until the time Ty was taken to surgery, they had his leg in traction. You know, the weights hanging at the end of the bed and that whole thing. Well, when the orthopedic surgeon came to speak to us before the surgery, he accidentally bumped those weights - OUCH!!!! Ty let out a big yelp. Boy, I felt so sorry for him. I think the doctor was a little embarrassed :)

Tess & Tyler definitely have their moments but she really loves her big bro. She & her entire 6th grade class made him a card. Be sure to click on the picture to enlarge so you can read some of the things they wrote...some pretty hilarious stuff in there!

We're still receiving meals from various families in the church. It's been so helpful knowing I don't have to mess around with fixing supper. I don't know if I've even shared this part of it, but we've only been going to this church for a few months and it's not like so many people even really know us...so that's been very touching; that so many people would reach out to us in kindness. We also got a HUGE fruit basket from the church. (I actually gave a bag away to one of Ty's friends who came to visit...we'll never eat it all up fast enough.)

Tyler's had a few friends stop by to visit. I guess a lot of people have contacted him on his cell phone and he's gotten text after text after text to come over, but Ty has kinda just had the ones over who he's really wanted to see.

So, we're all hanging in there. Thanks again for the lovely comments, constant prayer and warm wishes for Ty's speedy recovery.

Enjoy a wonderful day!


  1. Shell bell,
    I was looking at these pics and all I kept thinking of was Thank you Lord for sparing Ty's life. Because it could have been worse...
    Like I said, Robs cousin was just KILLED in a car accident. I am really thankful TY is going to be ok!
    Those brusies do look sore :(

    Yeah, that IS a sweet card by Tess :) and her class.. she's a sweetie hey! :) Ya gotta love and crack up at some of the stuff the kids wrote in the car hey...so cute!!! :) :)

    Im so glad the church has reached out to you. YAY for churches that are doing this!!!!! It makes a world of a differance.

    oh yeah, to answer your email YES I did put some pics of us in the scrapbook, not all yet. I did "Robs page" first. I put one of my fav pics of him in there of when we were in Miami (not a wedding or honeymoon one...we didnt go on honeymoon) but I have other weddings ones put in.
    I tell ya, now I need a coffee table so that I can display it :) :) (great reason to go find a coffee table hey :) :) I hope I will find one at the antique mall or a yard sale or something because I want one that I can paint and make chippy looking)

    talk to ya soon (hahahaa)
    love c

  2. So glad for the update...man does his arm look sore, OUCH! Also glad that Ty was able to get up and out...I'm sure he needed it.

    How wonderful for your new church to be helping out with dinners and such. Christian people are just the best and have such giving, loving hearts!

    Take care...I'm still keeping you and your family in my prayers!

  3. Hey Girl!

    What a FUNNY card!! I'm sure it was good for Tyler to get out and about.

    My oh MY! OUCH. That x-ray is crazy. WOW. I just stared at it -- OUCH.

    I hope your week started off better than last week ended! I'm still praying!


  4. Michelle, What a testimony of the power of God saving Tyler's life. Those bruises look so sore. The
    X-ray shows the incredible pain he must have been in. I will keep praying for Tyler's healing and for the other things.

    What a loving church. I'm so happy for you to have this relief and encouragement at this time.

    God bless you Michelle. I'm up in the night. I think it's hot flashes. Oh well, it's all part of life. Have a good day. Hugs, Kathi

  5. Just looking at that xray makes me hurt. I cannot believe your sweet boy has to indure that. He is so cute! What gorgeous blue eyes he has. I am so thankful that he is going to be okay. God is not finished with him yet!

    xox Sharon


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