Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mr. Charming

Don't ya just love this goofy picture of Tyler and his baby cousin? I have to say, this captures a glimpse of his silly personality!

There's a funny little story to tell about Ty's hospital stay. He was placed in ICU on the pediatric floor as a precaution because a mass of bleeding repeatedly showed up on each one of the CT scans he had (4 in all, I think).

We had to just chuckle every time we saw this little sign above his bed. Here's this big 16 year old kid who is the size of a man...Tyler is just over 6 feet tall. The sign had a picture of a teddy bear and it said, "HI, MY NAME IS TYLER AND I WEIGH 90.7 KG"!!!

As you may know, Tyler plays guitar in a band. Hmmm, guess what just happened to be in his car at the time of the accident? Yep, you guessed it....his electric guitar! The cool thing is the towing people removed it from the car, tagged it and held onto it until we got to the impound lot to retrieve it. Man, that was a blessing! (Something on the guitar is actually messed up, though.)

The third day in the hospital (Friday), Tyler was going nuts from boredom. He asked us to bring his guitar and cell phone (which also escaped harm in the accident, believe it or not).

When we went to the hospital on Saturday morning, we just laughed and laughed....Tyler had charmed his way into getting the full hook-up from the nurses! There was a little clip-on fan at the head of his bed (in case he got hot), a radio to listen to (his band was being featured on one of the local radio stations & they were interviewing the bassist), one of the hospital's laptop computers and the actual remote to the tv, not just the hooked-by-wire-with-the-call-button one! Tyler had all the nurses laughing. He was even charming when he called the "room service" to order some food. (Guess it's been a while since I was in the hospital; didn't know they called it that!) He even made polite conversation with the lady who delivered his food...he was chatting with her about her daughter :) Tyler's personality reminds me so much of his father!


  1. Oh Michelle, that post had me laughing so much~especially the teddy bear story!! Also, I had no idea that Tyler's band was so popular and that they had their songs being played on the radio! That is amazing!! BTW, Tyler is a mighty handsome young man:o)

  2. Praise God he is doing so wonderfully! I have been praying so hard for him, I am wearing the knees out on my pants...
    I feel your pain each time I think about you both, I don't know if you got a chance to read on my blog about my son Justin's accident, but God is so good to us moms who pray for the safety of our children...

    Bless you both! Glad his guitar made it too, my son Tyler is a drummer and he would be thrilled for your Tyler, (great name by the way!), wish they could jamb together! Tell him I am so thrilled he got on the radio!!!! What an honor.

    Donna Lynn

  3. What a charmer! That's so funny!

    :0) Sharon

  4. Oh Michelle with that sweet and adorable face those nurses would have served him surf and turf if he asked!!!! I am so glad that he was taken care of so well, it is good to hear of a positive and attentive hospital stay.....people that want to help others.
    And you need to for sure post some more of his band and stuff, let him do a *guest* 13 year old son plays the guitar and Tyler is such a great role model!!!! Yep crank out those tunes of theirs!!! Lets market this band worldwide!!!! Ok see this is what happens when I have a latte too late in the day! Ok post that info!

    Love ya Michelle!!!
    So glad to read your blog and know you are ok and happy ....I am so grateful he is ok!


  5. That's cute Michelle, especially the part about the teddy bear above the bed and the sign. He's a charmer. I'm so thankful he's doing so well. Sleep tight, Kathi


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