Friday, April 4, 2008

This 'n That...

Wow, it's been a while since my last post, hasn't it? Life has continued to be really busy. My 'part-time' job seems to be turning into a full-time one on some weeks...I worked almost every single day this past week and I'll be working again today! Got a new haircut/color that I just love - I'll have to share a picture at a later date :)

Today actually marks my 100th post - THAT seems really unbelievable! Sometimes I still wonder whether I should continue blogging or not. There are days when I'm just not really quite sure what to write about. Is that what you guys call 'bloggers block' or what?!

Last but not least, I'll share this month's 'Yearlong Christmas Plan' idea from Kathy Peel's 'The Family Manager's Everyday Survival Guide'....


APRIL: Start looking for gifts in mail-order catalogs. When you find a gift, mark the page so you can locate it easily when you're ready to buy. If it's on sale now, go ahead and order it.

I'm just many of you out there do a lot of catalog shopping? Do you like it? Is it fairly convenient and hassle free or do you find that you often have to return things due to wrong size, color, etc.? I personally don't shop out of catalogs - well, like really EVER - but I just wondered about your experiences. Please share...I'd love to hear some feedback :)


  1. Michelle,

    I love to browse the catalogs but I am aprehensive about ordering most times. I don't like to return things and without actually seeing the item, I am worried I wont like best friend ONLY shops catalogs so go figure!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Debbie Kay

  2. Glad you have so much work to do :o) I hope the weather's been nice for ya!

    I only shop one catalog, and actually the little store is also online as well. It the only place I've ever found where I'm always satisfied with my purchase and don't want to return anything. The web address is

  3. Oh share your new haircut picture!
    You sure have been busy but glad to hear all is well. I normally do not use the catalogs, but I do shop on the internet quite a bit.

    have a great weekend.....


  4. I've had great experiences with catalogs. At first I only bought tops. I knew that there was a better chance of fitting a top than jeans or skirts. I got brave and tried a few dresses, and skirts. They fit great. Next I talked to a real person on the phone and asked direct questions on hip, thigh, waist and length questions, and tried a pair of jeans. Amazingly they fit!! I have not ordered in years. I can't remember the name of the company. If I think of it I'll tell you. I quit because I had another baby and then we moved. Maybe I'll start again. I hope this helps.


  5. I am the Catalog Queen! I absolutely love shopping through them. I grew up in a small town, and because there weren't many stores, that was our only alternative. I still enjoy it, though I do more shopping online now (I'm not a big fan of malls). I rarely have problems or have to return things. Clothes are the riskiest thing to order, but I generally have good luck with most items. ;-)

  6. It sounds like you're busy, but in a good way - doing something you enjoy.

    As for the blogging - you know I was absent for about a month. I didn't really miss the blogging part, but I missed the friend part. I love to read my blog friends' blogs. Sometimes I just feel like there is nothing I need to say or post. Anyway, I would miss you if you stopped!

    I have shopped catalogs and have been very successful. I tend to buy clothing items from the same places such as Lands' End or L.L. Bean. I also have shopped at Tenderheart Treasures (I think that is what Jenn posted) and other decorating catalogs. They are always very helpful and have been great if I had a problem. And, yes, I have bought fabric (one of my weaknesses) from catalogs and online, too. Also great experiences.

    P.S. Happy 100th post! And let us see that new "do".

  7. Hi,
    Hope your having a good wkend.
    So glad to hear Christmas talk, so many plan to shop thru the yr. then don't and don't want to hear about shopping so early. I have about 1/2 of my Christmas finished up.:o)
    I like to look at catalogs but don't order much.
    Happy 100th post. I too wonder some days what to write about.Guess all of us does.

  8. So funny Shell. I was thinking about your Christmas tips today and was wondering when you were going to post it for this month haha I like those Christmas tips! :)
    Im not too fond of catalog shopping myself just becasue we dont have many choices here in Canada except for the Sears catalog and I find whenever Ive ordered from it, Ive always had to return stuff every time.
    Cant wait to see your hair do and pics from the ball.
    Love C

  9. Hey Michelle,
    I've missed you, too, but I know how crazy life can get.
    I'd miss you if you left blogworld!
    I've ordered from catalogs, but don't like to order this early for Christmas, because in my experience, the person I ordered it for changes their mind, or buys it for themselves, etc.


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