Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Fun Evening and A Story...

I'm really proud of my husband, Bobby. You see, Bobby had life-changing bariatric weight loss surgery about 18 months ago and so far has lost 200 lbs. To say our lives have dramatically changed is quite an's almost like being married to a new man!

Last night was the reunion dinner/dance for the Bariatric Center where Bobby had his surgery. We met a lot a nice people there. I enjoyed hearing different stories of other's journeys through the whole process.

One thing discussed at our table was the misconception that having bariatric surgery is 'taking the easy way out' of weight loss. Believe me when I tell you it's not. I used to think so, too. (And I did admit that last night as we were all talking.) A person doesn't just have the surgery and automatically lose a couple hundred pounds like magic - oh no, it's quite a long journey. Not only for the patient but - as I found out - also for the family. Our whole lifestyle has changed (for the better) since Bobby's surgery.

Bobby faced several post-op complications - but nothing like the health issues he'd been facing when he was overweight. I'm happy to say that he is doing exceptionally well now!

The picture was taken right before we left for the dinner last night. Don't we make a cute couple?! LOL (Notice my new 'do? It's so easy to style :)


  1. I *love* the blonde color in your hair. You look so pretty Shell and your such a cute couple :)
    Love C

  2. Oh my goodness!!! Your guys are gorgeous!!!!!! Your hair looks awesome!!!! you guys look like 20 year olds! I need to get that hairstyle!
    And I cannot imagine that surgery being easy, I pray that his strength continues! I bet he is really loving to the fullest!
    And yes today in Chicago we had that same weather, my Aunt and I talked about how we need to get our gardens ready too! Thank you for remembering her, you are such a doll! hope your week is wonderful!


  3. Your hair looks beautiful. You are a cute couple, too!

    I know you're proud of your hubby. I have a friend that had bariatric surgery and I, too, know that it isn't magic. I'm so glad he's doing well and that you had a fun night on the town.

  4. Michelle:

    What a lovely picture of you two. Your hair is beautiful, I really like it styled that way.

    So proud of your husband.


    Debbie Kay

  5. I'll bet you are so proud of him! Congratulations to you both.
    Love the hair, it looks great on you.
    Hugs, DebraK

  6. King and Queen of the Bariatric Ball :o)

    You both look great! I know you are so proud of Bobby. What an amazing thing he's done for himself and for his family.

    LOVE the hair!!! absolutley LOVE IT!

  7. Way to go for your hubby!!! Everyone keeps mentioning your hair.....I am not sure what it looked like before but I like it too. You are so Pretty and you and your guy do make a stunning couple.

  8. Hi,
    Love you're new do.
    I must say you and your girls looks like sisiter.Any secrets to share?:o)

  9. How fantastic!!! How wonderful for him...and you!!! :) Your pic is adorable and you make a beautiful couple! :)

  10. Wow! What a beautiful couple you make! He looks awesome! Good for him! Your girls are beautiful too! You are so blessed!

    :0) Sharon

  11. I love your new bob! Very flattering! You two look so perfect, and I know you are very proud of Bobby.

  12. What a gorgeous couple. I'm so happy for him to have successful results from the surgery. You have a beautiful family. I just finally am getting back with you to visit. I love your new blog look.


  13. Our family went through this process four years ago. My husband had gastric bypass surgery and we faced many of the same issues you have- the easy way out and many complications. In fact he had several doctors say they would not recommend the surgery since there was a high risk that he wouldn't make it through.
    Even before the surgery many family members were against it. But I felt I would lose my husband if he didn't have the surgery.
    The doctor and I believe my husband wouldn't have lived for even a year without the surgery. The final straw for him was when we went to Florida to visit his parents at Christmas and wasn't able to go to Disneyworld with our nine year old and me.
    He is at the point where he is no longer losing and must watch what he eats closely.

    I am happy that your family got this new lease on life. Enjoy every minute.


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