Friday, March 28, 2008

Meaningless Trivia...

Just thought I'd have a little fun today and share some meaningless trivia about myself! LOL

1) I love lilacs more than any other flower...even roses! I wish lilacs were in bloom all year round.
2) I have only lived in 2 states during my life so far...Michigan & North Carolina.
3) One of our neighbors in NC is the sister of Christian artist Bebo Norman. Her name is Amy and she is just the nicest person ever.
4) I LOVE to laugh! My husband is hilarious so life is pretty funny around our house...I love that!
5) My first car was a burnt orange Monza (oh yeah, I was cool! hee hee hee)
6) I got my high school diploma but did not attend my graduation commencement ceremony.
7) I will be celebrating a "milestone" birthday in the middle of May. Ugh!
8) I do not enjoy exercising.
9) I drink waaaaaaay too much Coke!
10) I've never had a traffic ticket of any kind...ever!
11) I've only been involved in one major traffic accident in my life and I ended up dating the cop who responded to the accident. (It didn't last very long and he is not the man I married!)
12) I didn't like pizza as a teenager...let's just say too much of a good thing is not always a good, you get the idea! (I'll eat it now, though.)
13) I cannot swim. Maybe I could possibly save myself if I absolutely had to, but I am quite nervous around water. All 3 of our kids swim like fish (oh, I'm so thankful they're not like me!) and they tease me because sometimes I get so irrational. Seriously.
14) I LOVE to decorate with old black & white family pictures. There's just something about looking at the rich history those old photos hold.
15) I do not enjoy shopping at the mall or outlets. (We live half an hour away from a huge outlet thanks, I'll pass!)

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Tonight my husband & I are going to have a 'date night' - fun, fun, fun! I'm looking forward to going out with him. Bobby is a blast to be around and I truly enjoy his company :)


  1. HI,
    Thank you for your Love,Prayers and support shown to me durning my down time.
    Hope you have a Great day!
    Blessins', Lib

  2. Hey Shell
    This was fun to read :)
    I knew some of these things about you like your bday and fav flower. And that Bobby is hilarious :)
    Didnt know you couldnt swim though! And that you drink lots of coke, I didnt know that!!! LOL. Do you drink regular or diet coke? Just wondering.. :)


  3. Oh my gosh I am a Coke freak, in fact they all say they are surprised my stomach has not rotted away. And my dr. is forever telling me to give it up, it is a terrible addiction, but it is so hard to drink water with a meal.
    I too cannot swim and absolutely hate to go to any type of mall!
    Have a fabulous date night!!!!


    ps thank you as always for your caring comments on my blog you are such a dear!!!!!

  4. Hi Michelle!
    I loved your personal trivia! How fun to learn more about you. Have fun on your date!

  5. That was fun to read! I love lilacs too, they don't grow here in Texas, but I remember them from my childhood in Canada. I'm not a fan of exercising, never had a traffic ticket, and can't stand malls or outlets either! We have lots in common!

  6. Lilacs are one of my favorites, too. That was fun to read more about you.
    I hope you had a really fun date with your sweetie!

  7. I am such a bad blogging friend :oP

    I just knew that I posted a comment on Friday.... guess I didn't.

    But I've read this several times, guess I'm your blog stalker on this one - ha!

    #7 -- awww, you'll be 21 too?! :oD

    #10 -- you go girl! Knock on wood, ME NEITHER! Woo!

    and you HAVE TO post the story about $11, that's gotta be a must read - lol!

  8. I loved reading your trivia. I, too, love lilacs and will always cut some off the bush to bring them inside. They do smell wonderful.

    My addiction is Diet Coke with Lime. I can't get enough. I'm trying to cut back to just one a day, but it isn't working!


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