Friday, February 1, 2008

The Yearlong Christmas Plan, Month 2

Last month I wrote about Kathy Peel's "Yearlong Christmas Plan". I mentioned that I would share about the plan at the beginning of every month. (WOW - can't believe it's February already - what happened to January?!)


*Before throwing out holiday issues of your favorite magazines, cut out ideas and recipes you want to keep. Start a file box for holiday ideas - decorations, crafts, gift ideas, foods.

*Begin jotting down family news every month for your Christmas newsletter.


  1. Great tips!
    I already started on Christmas stuff for this year too!
    I find it so much more enjoyable to get Christmas stuff done as early as I can rather than waiting til Nov-Dec.
    And, I just finished cutting out all my magazine pictures and made cards with them as you seen on my blog :)

    Love Candy

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Talked to our daughter today in IN and she said they got 12 inches last night! Will look forward to your monthly posts about Christmas! Nancy

  3. oh I love it! I think Rich and I might start a little "letter" and picture now that we have officially 'settled in' to Burlington with our new church and all. We don't get to see many of our old friends and extended family too often these days. Great ideas!

  4. Good tips! I've already done the Christmas mag one.


  5. I'm so glad you posted this. I was looking through my CBD catalog and wanted to look for something by Kathy Peel, but I couldn't seem to remember her name, just that you had written about her. What IS it with my memory these days??!!!

    And, I usually keep my holiday magazines. I just like to look through them year after year. I do get rid of them once they feel dated to me, or I'm bored with the pictures. They're a great resource.

  6. I enjoy doing that, too. I have three different notebooks that I add to, and weed out as I change my mind. I love her books.

  7. Hi,
    HOpe alls well with ya'll.I've missed ya.Trying to play catch up today.
    I have 2 christmas gifts completed so far:o)


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