Tuesday, February 5, 2008

5 Quirky Facts About Me...

1. Even though my given name is 'Michelle', mostly everyone calls me by my nickname - which is 'Shelly'. My dad's side of the family calls me 'Shelly' or 'Shell', while most of my mom's side of the family calls me 'Michelle'. (Often people quite close to me call me "Shell Bell".) Kinda funny, huh?!

2. I do not like radio talk shows with all the chatty banter, goofy call-ins, silly contests, annoying commercials - ugh, all of that gets on my last nerve!

3. OK, this one is really strange and quirky, I know.....I prefer to drink beverages out of a 'glass' glass and not a plastic one. Also, gotta have lots of ice. We are big-time ice users around here! What do I do if I'm at a restaurant or someone's house and the only option is a plastic cup? Well, I will drink out of it - but at home I like using a glass one.

4. You will probably find me wearing socks most of the time! I don't really like going barefoot too much. Only if I'm wearing sandals in warm weather or something - that's when I'm not wearing socks. (I even had socks on during each of the births of my 3 children!!! LOL)

5. I have a very difficult time handling raw meat. For instance, when mixing and shaping meatloaf. BLAH, YUK, GROSS, ICK - that sensation of meat through my fingers is just about enough to send me to the bathroom to be sick!!!!! (Needless to say, we don't eat much meatloaf around here....but not because of my "aversion" - no, simply because no one really likes it!)

So, there ya have it - more little-known facts that make me "ME"!

Have a great day!


  1. LOL! Your meatloaf aversion cracked me up.

    My Mom will not drink out of a plastic cup either! You're the only other person I know like that.

    Talk to you later, Shelly ;o)

    (I have so many nicknames... I answer to anything... it's usually Jenn, JennJenn, and even still older friends still call me "Bur" (because my maiden name is Burgess) and Rich even calls me Jelly Bean - b/c my initials used to be J.B.)

  2. Shelly;o)
    I loved this post! We are SOOOOO opposite on two things ~ I HAVE to have a PLASTIC GLASS and there has to be a straw!! I promise though, if you ever visit me I will give you a "glass" with lots and lots of ice!! As far as the meat loaf, my family loves it (Mr. P requested it for his birthday dinner!) and I love getting in there and mixing it up, kinda like bread dough where you can take out all your frustrations! lol

  3. I loved reading your post. I like the nickname Shelly and Shell Bell - too cute. My Daddy never called me Gena. He always called me Missy (unless he was angry with me). I have many nicknames my hubby and kids have given me. I pretty much love them all.

    As for the meatloaf - I just made that and I've learned to wear gloves while I handle the meat. I buy those surgical gloves that fit your hand really well and it keeps me from being totally grossed out while I'm making messy things like that. I also wear them under my gardening gloves so that the dirt can't get onto my hands.

    I, too, am a HUGE ice user. I drink iced tea all day long and it has to have tons of ice, as does my ice water. I do drink out of plastic, though. But, I have to have my daily Diet Coke with Lime straight from the can. I don't like it any other way!

    I only wear socks in the very, very cold winter. The rest of the time I'm barefooted or wearing flip-flops.

    Have a happy Wednesday.

  4. Thank you for entering my giveaway and your sweet comment! I enjoyed reading your list. I don't enjoy radio talk shows either and I *really* don't like drinking out of plastic cups. Real glass and lots of ice for me too! :0)

  5. Hey Michelle!
    This was fun to read!
    I like a lot of ice too, but I can take my drinks in platic, glass, bottle, or can....it matters not to me, so long as it's fresh and cold!
    I'm the same way about socks. Love socks and also wore socks during the births of my children.....it just helped me to feel less exposed for some reason! How are you on painting your toenails?? Mine are almost always painted, even in the winter. Britt loves painted toenails and always notices when they have on a fresh coat.

    I hope you are having a great week!

  6. That was fun to read Michelle :)
    I love wearing socks too and also worse them when I was giving birth lol

  7. Hey ladies,

    Thanks for your comments - fun to read!

    Kelli ~ Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by - come back anytime!

    Jen ~ All right, I'm totally busted about the paintin' the toenails thing! he he No, I'm not good at keeping up on that...much to Bobby's dismay - he really does love it when I keep them all nice & pretty :)

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