Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Bright Spot In a Snowy World!

Yesterday I faced some challenges that really got me down, not to mention I'm having a bad case of the winter I bought myself a half-dozen of beautiful roses when I was grocery shopping yesterday ~ aren't they pretty? They've definitely brightened up my living room! When I look at them, I'll just have to dream that spring will be here's SNOWING again today :) C'mon, spring - all of us up north are ready for ya!!!!


  1. Hi,
    The roses are Beautiful:o)
    THis Southern girl is ready for Spring too.
    Have a Blessed day.

  2. Michelle, I think that's a perfect way to bring a little joy and sunshine into your day! I also wanted to tell you that I love your darling table and lamp. I bet you worked your decorating magic with them, didn't you? Hang on, Spring will eventually get here!!!!

  3. Those roses are beautiful! I love the way fresh flowers can instantly brighten your day.

    I also like your fringe-y lampshade.

    I hope you get some warmth soon. We've been under tornado watches all day. Ick.

  4. Hope your week gets brighter, Michelle. The roses are pretty. I know what you mean about spring, although today is really warm for us. It's been crazy weather this last month!


  5. How beautiful!

    I love buying myself flowers... a fresh spring bouquet just hits the spot sometimes.

    Hope your day is going tons better!

  6. Michelle,
    you deserve beautiful roses every day but especially yesterday LOL after that day you had!!!

    But not all northerners wish for spring yet LOL (not me and Im WAY up north....Edmonton is the northernest city in all of North AMerica...did you know that?)
    And you know me, I love winter :)
    But for you, I wish you Spring :)
    Love ya


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