Saturday, September 29, 2007

All part of the territory...

THIS is what we woke up to this morning!!!! Hmmm, I guess this is part of the territory that comes with being the parent of teenagers, huh?! Oh yes, a typical teenage prank - I remember... I'm not THAT old :) Taylor and her friend so graciously cleaned it up, grumbling all the while :)


  1. Hi Michelle. Thanks for checking out and commenting on my blog. I just checked out yours and enjoyed reading it too. I'll be checking it out daily along with my other "favorite" blogs from now on too.

    That toilet paper prank is an old one isn't it? Still harmless, ageless fun. Glad you had help in cleaning it up. Tell the girls that the guys toilet paper the houses of the girls that they like. . . remember???

    Looking forward to Homecoming pictures.


  2. Like I told ya this morning, I thought this was funny Michelle :)
    Lie I said though, if it were eggs....NOT so funny! ;)

  3. I'm taking a trip down memory lane here......I can't count the number of times our yard got tp'd. I wasn't a very happy girl having to yank that stuff out of the trees the next day, either.
    Bless their hearts. ;0)

  4. haha! that's funny!

    believe it or not, we used to get our yard FORKED all the time! ever heard of that?? we would come home from vacation or wake up one morning and there would be thousands of plastic forks sticking up in our yard. Those things were much much worse to clean up b/c you actually had to pull them out of the ground.

    I'm glad to see that you see the humor in your TP!

  5. Yes, we got forked AND t.p.'d last winter when we had below zero weather - oh, was it ever an awful mess trying to clean THAT up! Plus the little pranksters made ICE BLOCKS and put them on our front porch! So today was not bad AT ALL!


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