Saturday, September 29, 2007

Homecoming night!

Tonight was THE BIG NIGHT....Homecoming! 5 couples gathered at our house and the limo picked them up here. We have an arbor in our side yard so I decided to decorate it to use as a nice fall backdrop for pictures. When my husband and I went to school (okay, so it was back in the '80s :) our homecoming was NOT as big a deal as what it is nowadays...Homecoming today is like our proms were back then! We wore like jeans and a nice sweater (or a miniskirt with leggings, two pairs of socks with boots, big poofy bangs - anyone out there remember this?!) but never as over-the-top like tonight was.

All of the kids looked so nice! Their parents and other family members were here taking pictures, too. We had quite a crowd in our yard!

Taylor's date is a really nice boy. In the excitement of getting that display put together and curling Taylor's hair and helping her get ready, we forgot to get him a boutonniere. I felt pretty embarrassed :) Some of the boys had one and others didn't so I guess I wasn't the only one. Oh well - note to self: Next time pick up flower for daughter's date! LOL

Hope you enjoyed seeing a peek into the beginning of Taylor's exciting, magical night of fun! "Cinderella" is going to be home at midnight. You know I'll be anxiously awaiting to hear all about everything!

All of the kids are gone for the evening so I think B and I are going to go have some dessert at our favorite little "mom & pop" restaurant in this little town where we live. Their pies are homeade and soooooo delicious!!!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Cute pictures!!!! I love the fall theme, too. So pretty. The dress is lovely!

  2. Loved all the pictures Michelle!! :) Taylor looked soooo pretty!!! Loved your display too! All very nice :)

  3. Awww, what fun! Your daughter is just beautiful. Sounds like you and your beloved are going to have a great date night as well! Enjoy those pies :o)

  4. Everyone looks so nice for the big night!

    You and your girl look A LOT alike! So cute!

  5. Man; who is that gorgeous girl!?

    Oh my that happens to be me :]


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