Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Really Ugly Tray Redo

*This is my first time participating in Transformation Thursday. Go there to check out more cool projects!

'U-G-L-Y...You ain't got no ugly!' That's what was going through my head as I passed by this hideously decorated tray when I was thrifting at Goodwill recently. In fact, I walked right on by once, then came back around to that aisle. I decided to look past its ugliness and see the beautiful potential! Remove the tacky ribbons & pearls, a good coat of spray paint and this thing's gonna be a beaut! So into the cart it went.
I don't think I would've bought it, though, if it wasn't HALF-PRICE that day.
Here is the tray in all its glory after a little bit of love and attention. Some black spray paint, a few fall decorations and scrapbook paper....ahhh, so much better now!

Thanks for looking! Please go on over to see more awesome DIY projects at Kimba's place!

*Oh my, can I be any more embarrassed? After 2 unsuccessful tries with McLinky adding it to the list @ ASPTL, I still don't think it worked...oh well!


  1. Wow, what a transformation! It's adorable now.


  2. I LOVE it Michelle! That is something I probably would've passed on too but look how great it turned out! WOW!!!

    Have a great day!!!

  3. Looks great! BTW- is that the edge of a coffee themed placemat I spy? Where did you find them?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Yep, those are coffee placemats I found a few years ago @ Big Lots for a couple bucks each. Not sure if they have them anymore...I wanted a few more and couldn't find any :( Thanks for the visit and sweet comment!

  5. very nice transformation!! I need to get out my fall stuff too. thanks for sharing :)

  6. ohhh looky there, not only is the tray cute, but you added FALL decor, I am so getting mine out this weekend!

  7. Hey Michelle, Had to come meet you after reading your comment!

    Oh and I am such a sucker for a tray redo! Lovely job!

    Nice to meet you!

  8. PS love, love your blog name and tag line!

  9. Ah, so much better! Lookin' good.


  10. I love it! I have a weakness for picking up trays, too. Yours looks great - gotta love the half price at Goodwill :)

  11. Oh my goodness Michelle! This tray came out fabulous! LOVE how you decorated it so beautifully as well. ~Lovely job!

    I hope you try the puff pancake soon. It is so delicious!

    Have a blessed Holiday weekend,
    ~Melissa :)

  12. MUCH better!!! Good for you for seeing the potential. I love projects like that. :) Thank you for the visit!!

  13. You certainly found the pearl in that oyster :) It is lovely and worth all of its half priced goodness. Happy fall with your new decor!

  14. I love it!! Seriously. What CAN'T black spray paint revive. Looks so cute all harvested-out and now I think I hear it singing, "I feel pretty, oh so pretty...."


  15. Ugh, pearls and tacky ribbon - I'm glad you could see the potential, I had a few doubts... But I love the tray now! Good eye!

  16. Perfect makeover and little fall tray. Thanks for stoppin by...come back anytime

  17. It's so cute! What a great makeover and perfect for Fall. Great job!

    I hope you are doing well and enjoying the kids being back in school!


  18. That turned out fabulous! Very fall! Nice job on the re-do!

  19. I love that you saw potential in that poor little tray! It looks like new! Don't ya love spray paint? It does wonders...

  20. Love your blog...and am so glad I stumbled upon it!
    YOU are so talented and creative...
    very inspiring :)
    Jen S.

  21. Michelle,

    I love your tray makeover! I am not currently making anything over. I'm just trying to get the rest of my house organized so my creative juices can start flowing again!

    I am catching up on blog posts. It has been an incredibly challenging summer. I hope to talk to you soon!


  22. Beautiful Michelle. It is so cool that you saw what it could be and you went for it. I need to try doing that more often. I love the look of your fall blog. Sensational! Thank you so much for your letter. I want to find some free moments and write you back. I enjoyed catching up with you. Thank you for your kind words. You mean a lot to me and I have missed our visiting.

    Hugs and prayers, Kathi


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