Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Birthday Time Around These Parts

18 years ago today we were blessed with this sweet lil' bundle of joy...Tyler Robert made his appearance @ 9:44 a.m. 8 lbs., 1 oz. 21 inches long. Oh, and that's the proud grandma standing next to her firstborn son (my husband) who is holding her adorable first grandchild :)
Tyler has always been such a sweetheart...
We've been through a lot these last 18 years, including this terrifying accident just over a year ago. What you're looking at is what's left of Ty's car. You can read more about that accident...
That's why I don't mind the 3 tattoos Ty has. (Only one is pictured.) At first they really bothered me; I can't lie. But ya know what? After all we've been through between Ty's accident, my cancer diagnosis/treatment, etc. etc., does it even matter? Although I have to admit, today Tyler was on the phone with one of his buddies joking that he was gonna go get his tongue pierced and I think I noticeably flinched. Imagine my relief when he said he was just kidding! He told his friend he just wanted to see his mom's reaction. Nice.
Tyler and me - Graduation Day, June 2009. We're so proud of this guy!
Senior Picture, June 2009. Happy 18th Birthday to a very special son!

Tomorrow is not only my husband's birthday, it's also our 19th wedding anniversary! Yes, we got married on his 25th birthday on the 25th of the month. What's that? Dumb, you say? Um yeah, I'd definitely file that one under "What NOT to do"!!! LOL I'll share about us tomorrow, how does that sound?


  1. Happy Birthday Tyler and Bobby!!! AND Happy Anniversary!!!

    Much Love~

  2. Thanks, are very sweet!

  3. Does he have black converse on in that one photo where he is sitting next to you as just a tot!!???? SWEET! he was cool even THEN!!if not they sure look like it.... lol


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