Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blogging Friend Becomes 'RLF'!

So I shared last week how I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with a special blogging friend of mine...Kim from Kim's Treasures. Let me tell you about our day! But first I'll show you the thoughtful, lovely gifts she brought. Isn't this such an adorable pen & paper set? I love it! And how 'bout that "M"? I love that, too! Not pictured but definitely appreciated were 3 mini journals. See, I was nice and shared them with my daughters :)
Look what Kim made...a market bag with her 'signature' yo-yos! Can't wait to use it! (Do any of you use recycled shopping bags? I've just started doing that in the last few months.) I am always so touched to receive a handmade gift, to be honest. It means a lot to me to know someone has put such special thought and time into it! Thanks again, Kim, for every single thing!

We first met at a Cracker Barrel restaurant with the intentions of having lunch, then doing a little shopping. Well, it turned into doing A LOT of shopping and having a later lunch! There's not a Home Goods store anywhere close to where I live so we checked that out. Oh my, so many neat things to see - there's some major eye candy in that place! We have TJ Maxx and a Marshall's but not a store as big as that Home Goods. If money was no object, I definitely could've have dropped a bundle in there! haha Next, we made the rounds to the 'usuals'...Target, BB & B, Michael's and a few other places. Then we found a HUGE Salvation Army...I'm talking mucho grande, people...BIG, BIG place! As with any thriftin' trip, one has to sift through junk to truly find treasures. Kim found a few kitchen things she'd been looking for. I didn't see anything that exactly jumped out at me that day so I left empty-handed.

Kim & I were hungry by that time so we headed on back to Cracker Barrel for a late lunch and some awesome conversation. The restaurant was not at all crowded so that was nice. It was such fun getting to know each better!

There's MORE to look forward to, I'm very pleased to say. Kim will be with her daughter in MY area several times over the next few months...that will be quite a treat!

If you ever have an opportunity to meet up with a blogging friend, I'd highly recommend it! This is my second time doing so. Last year about this time I was able to meet Kelly from Serenity Cottage.

All of my family lives at least an hour or more away from me so I do try to make the most of the time I'm in that particular area. The day I met Kim was no exception. I was able to stop in to see my Aunt Lois. From there I went to see my cousin Tammy. I was going to visit with my sister, too, but just ran out of time :(

Thanks for reading about my fun day! Hope you're all having a great week :)


  1. Awww! You're very welcome for everything and thank you for all your kind words in this post! It was the best day! I cannot wait until fall! :-D

    Have a wonderful night!

  2. Thank you so much for the visit. :) Sounds like you had a fun time with your blogging friend. I'd love to do that someday myself. :)


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