Friday, July 17, 2009

Why I Love Clearance Shopping

Did you know Hobby Lobby is having NINETY PERCENT OFF their clearance section? Between HL & TJ Maxx, I found some super deals. I just couldn't resist this greenery arrangement - it found its way into my shopping cart! The price was right, I'd say, wouldn't you?

I honestly could barely believe my eyes when I saw this in the clearance section @ TJ Maxx! It was promptly snatched up and in my cart. I was so afraid I was gonna drop it on the way out to my car!

Another great find, this one for only 3 bucks...woo hoo!

Cute little cake stand from the Hob Lob 90% clearance section. Originally $34.99; got it for $3.50.
Love the square shape of this plate! This was marked $25.99 down to $2.60.
I bought the last 2 of these plates. They were $17.99 marked down to $1.80. I'd hoped they would fit into a tiered plate stand I already own, but they were just a little teeny tiny bit too big - ugh, I was disappointed!
Bookends - $1.80 for the pair.
Decorative magnetic board, originally priced @ $21.99 marked down to $2.20. Man, do I ever love finding great bargains like this!

What kind of treasures have you found lately?


  1. Oh yes...I LOVE me some good clearance! I will be heading over to TJ Maxx as soon as hubby gets home. Me, 4 kids, and glass apothecary jars sounds like a recipe for know?Thanks for the heads up on the fabulous deals.


  2. Fun finds! I love the bookends! Very cute frenchness goin on there! Enjoy your weekend, girlie!

    Hugs ~ Angie

  3. Nice finds! I've been in a slump, but I did happen to shop on customer appreciation day last week at a small Italian food store here and got 10% off the 15lbs of meatballs for Nadine's party. Yeah...go me!

  4. I have those bookends! Someone else mentioned that HL was 90% off now and I was planning on going tomorrow anyway! You got lots of good stuff!


  5. Oh my those are amazing deals.

  6. We don't have a hobby lobby here! Can you hear me weeping?! You got great stuff and so cheap....sigh.

    You asked about glazing medium.....I just use faux finishing glaze that I got at walmart a few years ago. You could use any kind of glaze or you could use just water too. It will dry quicker than if you use glaze so you mught have to work faster but it will work just fine.
    Hope that helps and good luck glazing and aging your pieces.

  7. Oh you got some great deals. I have a couple of apothecary jars and a couple of friends who love them. I'll have to go see about finding one or two to put back for gifts. :)

  8. You got some amazing deals!!! Wow!! I really like the bookends. My big deal of my day was getting some Pottery Barn books on clearance. I got a "Kid Spaces" one for $5 because the outer jacket was torn.

  9. Um treasures for me
    But you got some GREAT ones..
    especially the glass.
    smiles, Deena

  10. WOW! I need to get to HL. But not today ... they are closed on Sunday, which I happen to love.

    Great finds! I love a bargain myself.

  11. AWESOME finds! I am so jealous of those jars!!! Love that little cake stand and the plates! Don't you just love TJMaxx and Hobby Lobby clearance?

    Thanks for stoppin by my blog, Have a Wonderful Day!

  12. Love all of your finds! I cannot believe that floral arrangement was only $6! What great deals!

  13. Great clearance buys! You asked about cleaning the tray. I cleaned mine with silver polish. There was a little rust inside the tray, and I took a SOS pad to clean that as good as I could. The outer edge of mine is not perfect, but that was OK with me once I got the rusty spots cleaned up. I didn't really want bright shiny silver. Hope this helps. Jackie

  14. TJ MAxx definately has great clearance items if you arrive at jus the right time!

  15. Wow! Great finds!!! I love both Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx especially for home decor!

  16. My favorite stores.....So glad to find your blog while blog hopping today. I love making new friends and finding new blogs.
    I enjoyed my visit to yours.

  17. You scored big, I sooooo need to go to a TJ Maxx!!!! I also need to get back to HL.


  18. You got some great things! I found some great things at Hob Lob too~such a dangerous place to be when anything is 80 or 90% off!

  19. Oh man, you got some great stuff! Last time I went to TJ Maxx it was totally picked over. I didn't find a single thing, and I was so bummed!

  20. You almost make me want to drive the hour and a half to the nearest Hobby Lobby. LOVE that cake stand and it would be PERFECT in my kitchen.

  21. Somehow I missed this post! WOWSER GIRL!!! Those are some great deals!!! Gotta love Hobby Lobby and clearance sections!



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