Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's Official!

We are all so proud of Tyler! The graduation ceremony was held inside the school gymnasium and whoa, it was SO hot in there! The graduating class had over 350 kids so it took a while to get through.
A proud father & son moment.
Of course, I had to get a big hug, too! (I still hate looking at pictures of myself right now...but hey, I am just glad to have hair again!)
My dad and Tyler. My step-mom was unable to make it so my sister came with my dad...she is camera shy, though. Tyler is the oldest grandson on my side of the family to graduate.
My in-laws with Tyler.
Taylor hugging her big bro. He is making such a goofy face!
Here's Tyler & Tess. I don't know why but he just loves to ham it up for the camera! I am glad the graduation ceremony is done; now I am looking forward to having the graduation party. I still have things left to do but all the plans are coming together quite nicely and many family members have offered to help. I appreciate that and I'm most definitely taking them up on it!

My grandma was moved to a hospice facility today. She now has a full oxygen mask on instead of the oxygen tube in the nose thing.

I talked to my cousin Tammy today to find out how my Aunt Lois' mastectomy surgery went. She said everything went well and I was glad to hear that.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Michelle, What wonderful pictures and memories. Your son is handsome and your family is beautiful. I'm so thankful you have hair and you are getting better. I will keep you all in prayer. Kathi

  2. WOOHOO!!! Congrats!!! Beautiful photos! Your hair looks great! So sassy!


  3. Wonderful pictures ... what a lovely family you have!

  4. congratulations to tyler!

    and, michelle you look absolutely beautiful!

    i also just read about your grandma's passing. i am so sorry. even though you know she is not suffering any more, it is still so very hard!!

    love ya.


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