Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This 'n That

We had a really nice time having dinner and visiting with our friends, Ken & Steph. I had to chuckle at how Bobby, Ken & Steph just couldn't believe they've been out of school for 25 years (I'm 3 years younger than they are) and how O-L-D it sounded back then to even imagine attending your 25-year class reunion! (Theirs was held this past summer but we missed it due to Bobby's emergency surgery that day.)

I had to go have my regular bloodwork done yesterday. I was SO happy that my blood cell count was up so I didn't have to have that additional shot! Chemo treatment #5 will be next Tuesday - this stage will be with a different drug other than what I have been getting for the last 2 months. My hair is starting to grow back ever so slightly...just lil tiny pickers sprouting all over - woo hoo!

Have you been decorating for Christmas yet? I've done a little bit so far. For the first time EVER, I have all my Christmas cards made out and ready to mail! Will you be sending out cards this year?

Happy Wednesday to all!


  1. Hi Michelle,
    Glad ya'll had a good time with Friends!
    Hope your treatment goes well!
    I didn't dec. as much this yr. must be showing my age I know what I bring out I have to put up after Christmas.ha
    I will send some cards but having to cut back on the list. At church we can bring cards and not have to mail so that will help.
    Hope you have a great wk.

  2. I hope your treatment goes well on Tuesday. I'm glad you didn't have to get an extra shot!

    Way to go on your Christmas cards! I'm feeling a little behind on those. :) I will send some out though.

  3. Making changes to your blog, too, I see?!? Looks good!

    Glad you had a good time...that your blood count was good and your hair is growing back!!

    Christmas decorating? It was EZ this little tree atop a Bachelor's chest in the living room. It took no lights or decorations!! You see, our schedule is so packed that we'll be spending some time away during the baking, not much cooking and no decorating. We decided that would be fine this year, so I could devote my time to the re-decorating still going on.

    Christmas cards were all addressed and went out TODAY!!! We had the Christmas Card Swap on our blog, too!

    ~Blessings sweetie,

  4. Michelle, I'm so glad to hear your blood count is up and you didn't have to get an extra shot. Whoo-Hoo ! Hair growing back in. That's great news. One of my friends had very, very straight hair, then after chemo, she now has the most lovely curls I have ever seen!!

    I have not even started to address Christmas cards yet. The house is all decorated (as much as I am doing this year!)

    Oh yeah, 25 years huh, well I'm at 31 for being out of high school and my hubby is at 33!!! Where does the time go?????



  5. just checking in to say "hi". sounds like you have been enjoying yourself, i am glad to hear that! 25 years out of school is supposed to be for the OLD people! wow, i guess i am old.

    still praying,

  6. I am so happy you got out and had fun with friends. If twenty five year reunions is for old people ~ then An Ancient is sending you a greeting of love today:)))and a hug! Darn if I know where all the time goes. It just goes way too fast!
    But people in their fifties still have fun.
    I am glad your hair is growing back. Have the wigs been alright?
    And YES, we have many frineds we have known for ever and yet haven't seen for years, but pick right back up again as soon as we see them as if it had only been yesterday! They are the true ones!

    God Bless You!

  7. How wonderful to have all your cards ready to mail...I am doing just a few this year. I love to hear the happy tone in your posts! Have a good Thursday!

  8. My cards will soon be out too! The tree is up and decorated and a few decorations are up. I am only decorating a little this year since we are taking the tree down on Christmas (since we leave for vacation the next day).

    So glad to hear your hair is growing back! Very exciting! And oh so shot this time! : )

    This year was my 25th reunion too! I did not go but I was thinking how I cannot believe how fast the time went!

    Have fun getting ready for the holidays!!!

  9. Hi Michelle, Just popping in to say hello! I was thinking of you today and So glad to see you are doing well! :o) Hope you have a wonderful Holiday this year! I know you know what really matters this year! XXOO Diana

  10. Hi Michelle,

    I just found your blog. So nice to meet you.

    Do you have a post with your story on it?

    I'll be praying hard for you.

    My son is a brain tumor survivor!


  11. Hi Michelle, I'm so glad to hear you are doing well & your hair is sprouting in. I'll be praying for your continued improvement.....seems you have the right attitude!

    Not too many cards for me, just a few to close friends and family. This year I probably won't decorate much either.
    Happy Holidays, God Bless, DebraK


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