Saturday, November 29, 2008

Old Friends

Tonight my husband & I are going to meet some old friends for dinner. I'm really excited! Let me tell you a little story of our friendship with them...

Bobby has known this couple since all 3 of them were in elementary school and they're in their 40s now! I went to a different school and didn't meet Ken & Stephanie until I started dating Bobby. We used to get together on Friday nights when our kids were little to watch movies and eat pizza. Boy, has the time flown by...Ken & Steph's 3 oldest are in college already!

Our friendship with Ken & Stephanie has always been very comfortable. You know the kind I'm talking doesn't matter how much time has gone by between visits - you just pick up where you left off.

Do you have friends like that? Please share!

Yesterday Ken & Steph celebrated their wedding anniversary so I made them a special card. I'm sure we'll have fun tonight :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Have a Wonderful time tonite!!

    I have a friend, her name is Linda. She lives way up north in Minocqua, Wisconsin...over 10 hours away from here. We met about 12 years ago...working for the same Furniture Store - just different locations. We'd chat off and on through the work-day, since we were generally alone at our stores. It was almost a year before we met in person...but we had developed this bonding friendship on the phone.

    I walked into her store after I left mine earlier than normal. She wasn't expecting me...had never seen me...didn't really even know what I looked like. While she was working with her customer, I looked around, pretending to be a customer as well. And after she finished with her customer, she came over and said, " are you?" She "knew" just who I was.

    Our friendship has been mainly over the phone all these years. I moved to Tennessee, then here to Michigan. We've only been together, in person...maybe 6 times...TOTAL!!!

    Yet...when one of calls the other, it's like no time has passed. We just pick up where we left off.

    When we do see each's like we've always seen each other.

    We instinctively "know" when we need to call each other.

    You see, Linda has helped me through many bad times in the years before Mr. Tom came along.

    And I have helped her...through colon cancer surgery (while my own sister was in hospice care for colon cancer)...and all the treatments.

    I may not have been there...and she many not have been there for me...IN PERSON, but we've each been a BOOST to the other.

    I'm thrilled to have such a friend!!


  2. Hi Michelle,
    What a Lovely Post!
    Out of all our friends 3 comes to mind. 1 we've been friends since 1st grade, another 27 yrs. ,another 25.They are the Best!:o)
    Hope ya'll have a great time!

  3. Michelle,

    I hope you had a wonderful time with your friends. I have a friend that I've known since 3rd grade - 40 years or so. We went all the way through high school together, went to different colleges, got married, lived in different towns (same state) and kept in touch most of the time. We went through different seasons in our lives, but no matter how many months (or years) it had been since we talked, it was always as if it had just been the day before. Now she has moved to Virginia and we talk at least once a week. We just went to our 30th high school reunion together. We always have so much fun. It's as if we are still 16 every time we're together. Friends like that are just awesome!


  4. Thanks so much Michelle!

    We are expecting snow today! We are on the edge of 2-5. So we shall see by morning!

    Hope you enjoyed your evening out!!! Have a wonderful Sunday!


  5. Oh I love to hear all about great friends like that, I love Jan's story too! The only couple I would feel like that with is you guys for sure!! Like we have known each other for years!!!! I love that.


  6. Oh how wonderful Michelle. It's such a blessing to have life long friends like that. I'm so happy for you. Yes, we too have friends who've we have remained friends with for years and years; Dave and Pam. I was thinking of posting about it also.

    I hope you are feel good Michelle. Hugs and prayers, Kathi


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