Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thoughtfulness, Part 2

I *WISH* you could feel how soft & warm this fleece blanket is! My brother-in-law's girlfriend, Kellie, made it for me. (I didn't even know they made 'Breast Cancer Awareness' cool is that?!) They also gave me the most comfortable pair of Dearfoam slippers (pink, of course!) but I'm not going to take a picture of them...I've worn them SO MUCH they're almost sorta ratty looking! I'm a 'slippers' kinda can find me wearing them most of the time at home. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I wear something on my feet just about 100% of the time. Nope, I don't like bare feet very much - even in summer! (I even wore socks each time I gave birth!)
Kellie has a good friend named Sheila who is a breast cancer survivor. I do not know Sheila but she gave me this book and 2 pair of cozy socks. I was deeply touched by Sheila's thoughtfulness. Then again, the instant connection that seems to be made with others who've been affected by cancer is kind of hard to explain but definitely true. I've made a friend at chemotherapy who just finished up her treatment this week and we made it a point to exchange address/phone info to keep in touch. Diann & I have gone to the very same surgeons/oncologist and we clicked right away. She was a great sounding board to answer any questions I had, as she is farther in the journey than I am.

This adorable 'breast cancer' tree came from Alyssa, a friend of my daughter Taylor's. It sits right out in our living room. Look at the detail work on it! Alyssa got it at a local craft show she & her mom went to. Let me tell you, I was so touched that Alyssa thought of me like that! It's interesting, you know, to see how my kid's friends are also affected by my breast cancer. I think it makes it more real to these kids for them to actually KNOW someone dealing with it.

My cousin Tammy made this card and sent it to me. I have received so much love and support from so many as I'm walking through this cancer journey.

My thanks to ALL OF YOU, as well, for your thoughts & prayers. They're much appreciated :)


  1. These are absolutley the sweetest gifts, and totally from the heart!
    And I am the same way with the sock slipper thing.....I had to have socks while giving birth too, I even packed them in the hospital bag as * delivery socks* hahah!!! And also can go thru slippers like nothing......have a great Sunday....going to go get ready for church.

    love ,

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Love your sweet gifts.
    A good day for socks and snuggle in for the day!;o)
    Hope you have agreat wk.

  3. You have the sweetest friends. I do know how important it is when you are going through something like you are going through.

    I got your sweet card. Thank you so much for always thinking about me. I want you to know that we do pray for you each night. I am just not up to even remembering cards right now although I do try. You still amaze me with your ability to reach out to others while you are going through something so hard. You are a dear, sweet friend.

    I hope you have a good week. I am thinking about you always.

    Love & Hugs from us to you,

  4. Dear Michelle,
    I agree with Gena, you are so strong, and always checking on the rest of us.
    You're continually in my prayers, as well.
    What a blessing these wonderful people have bestowed on you!
    Wonderful gifts!
    Love and hugs,

  5. How thoughtful everyone is! What a great blanket and tree! I am a year round something on my feet girl too. I hate going barefoot. I love my slippers!

    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! They mean a lot to me! I go in for the kidney ultrasound today.

    Have a great day!


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