Thursday, November 20, 2008

Here's the Latest News...

Yesterday was the last difficult chemo treatment for me....yippee!!!! Next I will see the oncologist this coming Monday before moving on to the last part of chemo. That will involve 12 weekly treatments with a different kind of drug. Now my hair will start growing back...THAT'S EXCITING! There's still the possibility I could lose my eyebrows/eyelashes but nothing has happened yet. (Oh, and I decided NO eyebrow tattoos for me if it does happen. Nope, I'm just gonna have to become an expert with brow powder, pencil & a brush! Fake eyelashes? Yes, I will do that.) So, that's the latest health update on me.

I picked up our son Tyler's senior picture proofs yesterday afternoon. WOW, am I ever impressed with the photographer's work! She really did a GREAT job and I'm afraid it's going to be difficult choosing from so many nice shots of Ty.

We actually have snow on the ground here already. {BIG GROAN!} It started snowing this past Sunday morning and by night, everything was covered and it's still here. Every year I think the same thing when we have the first snowfall...I am NOT ready for this cold weather!!! How 'bout you? I tell ya this, I am definitely not a cold weather sports enthusiast! Nah, I'd much rather stay inside all bundled up and warm with a good book :)

I've been working on some home projects this week. I cut out chair pads to sew for the kitchen and I'm in the process of painting a vanity for our bedroom. I sewed some side drapes for the kitchen last Saturday and I've been hanging more pictures. I love seeing how the house is coming together to be a more welcoming, inviting, cozy space. I know I've been bad at taking pictures of my projects to show you but I will get better at that :)

Oh, and if you have a Hobby Lobby near you - I'd suggest getting over there to check out their sales - they've got some great ones going on! Their scrapbook paper/stickers are all half off. Same with their greenery/floral stems. I picked up some nice things last night when I was there. (Just a little FYI, in case ya didn't know...HL sales end on Saturdays; they close @ 8 PM; and they are closed on Sundays.)

Happy Thursday to all!


  1. Hi's great to hear from you...and how you're progressing. We're still praying.

    Hobby Lobby is one of my FAV places.

    Sounds like you've got lots of projects going on...and I'm so glad you have the capability of doing all of them.


  2. Good Morning Michelle!

    It is nice to hear you are working on all your projects to beautify your home.

    I am sorry about the yucky chemo treatments:{ but dang excited your hair is growing back!!! Heck, I was born without any eyebrows (they are too thin and blond to see) and the eyebrow brush has always been my friend. You have gorgeous eyes naturally!
    Thanks for the tips for HL.

    Have a incredible Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

  3. Hi Michelle,
    Hope the next treatments goes well for you!
    I am NOT a winter person!
    I Love Hobby Lobby we have 2 in our area. Sounds like you have some nice projects going on:o)
    It is hard to pick Sr. pics! Sr yr. is so high $ .
    Hope you have agreat day!
    Love,Hugs,Prayers and Blessins to ya,

  4. Hi Michelle...I'm hoping that the next round of treatments go well.

    Glenn is starting to say that I can't go in Hobby Lobby anymore...I buy too much! I love their sales. I should get a part time job there, but then I'd end up owing them instead of getting a paycheck!


  5. Thank you for the update...I'm always wondering about you and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

    I'm happy to hear that you've had the energy to decorate and shop...that's a good sign. We don't have HL's here in CA which is so depressing. I visit them in CO or AZ when I'm visiting family.

  6. Hi Michelle!!! I am so happy for you that your hard treatments are over!!! THat is awesome!!!

    It sounds like you are feeling better too which is awesome! I LOVE Hobby Lobby but hardly ever get to go :( I hope you have a great time here at the restaurant!

    I HATE snow!! I am already for summer again, lol! It is so bitter cold, isnt it?

    Yes, we will have to get together!!! That would be so fun!
    Love ya,

  7. Michelle,
    So glad to hear your latest news, bless your heart through all you have been through and you are still upbeat and crafting! You are an inspiration to us all.

    Take care and I will continue to pray for you and your entire family (the Ty's too...)
    Donna Lynn

  8. Happy Thursday to you!

    So glad to hear you made it through the difficult chemo :o) we've been praying for you!

    I just loved those pictures of Tyler. How did you choose? They were all so great! I hope he's doing good as well.

    I'm with ya... I AM NOT ReADY FOR COLD WEATHER!!! We're burning wood in our wood stove just about around the clock here. It's pretty chilly. THey are calling for snow here in NC on Wednesday and maybe on Thanksgiving too. We'll see. That'd be early for snow around here.

    I can't wait to see pictures of all your projects! I've decided that all of Rich's family is getting aprons for Christmas (hand made) so I'd better get sewing! He's got a boooo-koooo of aunts and uncles so I have to be cost effective at Christmas time.

    Hopefully I'll be heading to Hobby Lobby next week sometime :o) can't wait!! hope I find the good deals that you did!

    Love ya!

  9. Oh Michelle, I'm glad to hear you are near the end of the yucky chemo. I'm so happy your hair will be growing back. I wish we had a Hobby Lobby. It sounds like a great fun place. Love and prayers. Kathi

  10. Michelle, I am so happy that you are done with the worst part of chemo. You sound really good! You know a girl is feeling good when she wants to do projects! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    xox Sharon

  11. Hi Michelle,
    Just stopping in to check on you, and to wish you all a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving.
    Still praying every day for you.


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