Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's Your Advice?

Hello all, Got a question for ya...Here's the deal. After 14 days since the first chemo treatment, my hair is starting to thin. Not like handfuls of hair or anything like that yet; just strands of hair. My hair is normally SUPER THICK and even with this new hair loss, I still have a full head. It isn't like you would take a look at me and guess I'm losing anything. Nope, not at that point yet.

But, here's the question...if it was you, when/if would you just shave your head?

I'm not sure. I've been thinking about that today. You know, like why prolong the inevitable type thing. But I'm not sure I've got enough guts to do something quite so drastic yet. Please share your thoughts.

My 2nd chemo treatment went just fine today, although the tiredness factor has hit me full force this time around. I'm armed with all my meds so I'm hoping and praying the effects won't be quite as severe as what the 1st treatment left me with. Oh, and by the way...I'm HALFWAY DONE with the hardest ones...yippee!!!

OK, I'm gonna go lay back down to rest for a little bit. I've *GOT* to make it to Tess' band concert tonight. Bobby can't go 'cause of big stuff going on at work and the thought of her having *no one* there just doesn't sit well with me. I still feel well enough to go; I really *do* know my limits so I promise I won't push it :)

*Edited to add* I really tried to make it to Tessie's band concert. Oh, how I wanted to be there...but I just couldn't. I realized my limits like I said in the above paragraph. Tess tried out for the school volleyball team today, then came home to change for the concert real quick. The parents of her best friend took Tess to the school and they'll cheer her on right along with their daughter. I'm so thankful for that - you know, for others being there when Bobby & I aren't able to. (He is out of town for work training.) I talked it over with Tess and I have to tell you what a mature, kind, loving, understanding daughter I have for a girl of 12 years old. She told me she wouldn't be hurt if I didn't go because she understands I'm not feeling well; Tess said there will be other concerts this year and I can just go then. Isn't she an awesome kid? Oh how I love that little sweetie!


  1. Heck No! I’d wait and keep your beautiful hair as long as you can. If it was coming out in chunks, then probably yes. You still have a while to enjoy it.
    I know you don't want to hear other cancer stories, so don't read further if you don't want to.
    My daughter Natalie just finished making a quilt for her friend who took it with her to her 19th and next to the last chemo treatment last week for her breast cancer.
    Look at her picture... amazingly She kept her hair!!!
    They told her she would lose it. It thinned but she still kept enough that others really wouldn't know. I couldn't tell and I am a stylist.
    That might be your case also... If it were me and I had your beautiful hair, I'd wait and see what happens before you shave that gorgeous head of yours.
    But bottom line Michelle, you need to do what makes you feel best.

    You are in my prayers always,

  2. Hi Michelle...

    I think you need to do what you need to do...and not give a thought to the way anyone else thinks! You'll know it's time, I'm sure.

    I'm glad to see you here...I'm sorry I haven't been around much the last few days...but since the attack by the neighbor on his riding lawn mower...I've just not been able to be here much. Can't sit long...and don't really feel like being here either.

    Just not good company right now.


  3. If it were me...I would keep my hair as long as possible, especially if it still looked good. Once it gets to a point that it looked bad then I would shave it off. Just think, with this cooler weather in Michigan, of all the cool hats you could wear when you're out!

    I hope Tess has a great concert! I would go too if I were you! Rest, rest, rest tomorrow!!!

    Have a wonderful night!

  4. Hey, my friend...who am I to give advice on such a thing, BUT you did ask. So I say, keep your hair as long as possible. Who knows, you may not follow the "normal" pattern at all. If it was me I wouldn't shave until it was obvious that I needed to.

    So sorry you couldn't make it to Tess's concert. I understand all too well having kids do things without a parent there to watch. It is so hard on us as the parents, but our kids really do rise to the occasion. So glad that Tess blessed you with such a great attitude. I'm sure she gets that from her mom.

    Praying for ya right now,

  5. Hi Michelle, I am a ten year survivor of ovarian cancer and I remember the day I shaved my head like it was yesterday. Believe me you will know when it is time, so do not worry . The worry is the worst, when mine was finally gone it was actually a relief, no more worrying about when it was going to happen. I do recommend getting some soft caps to sleep in though, it is amazing how cold your head gets. I hope this treatment is better than the first one, my first was the worst quite a shock to the ol body, the second was not as bad, I hope the same for you. You are in my prayers.. Big Hugs Deb

  6. Michelle, I have had chemo and lost my hair. Believe me, the longer you keep it, the less traumatic it will be. When you see that you cannot go out into public with it looking so thin, you will be able to shave it off with less trauma.

    Yes, you will feel sad, but it WILL return and when it returns, it will probably be CURLY!

    You WILL look beautiful again, and you will appreciate your new hair.

  7. Hey woman...

    I think you will know when it is time to shave it off..until then, you rock that sassy haircut, girl! I am sorry you weren't able to make it to Tess' concert..but it sounds like she is ok with are forgiving like that...I love your son's picture..what a handsome young are so blessed, sweetie...keep resting and taking it easy...I am so proud of you!

    Love & Hugs, Angie

  8. What a special girl TESS is!! Of course, she'd have to be...she's your daughter!! And, you're special!!!


  9. Hi Michelle, I think it might be good to wait and see. It may never fall out completely. I think you will be able to tell if it gets really bad and then you could cut it.

    First of all, I must say, wow, what a loving mother you are with a mother's heart. Tess is such a mature and sweet girl to understand. She knows that she is loved by you. You have a special relationship with her. I'm so glad for you.

    I will pray that God will build up your strength and energy Michelle. Hus and prayers to you. Love, Kathi

  10. Good morning Sweetie, It took 3 weeks before mine thinned so bad. it fell out the way yours is, one day while in the shower amazed at all the hair in the tub and still had it on my head, it really is amazing how much hair is on our head, I yelled for Brady my DH to come and see it he threw open the curtain and said are you ok? and then shrieked , yanked me out of the tub and bent my head over the sink and shaved my head and said stop tourching yourself, then shaved his head! :o) so we were together bald! LOL you'll know when it is time, it was hard for me to look in the mirror after he did it but I looked up and shed two tears and then sucked it up! I was fine! cold but fine! I wore beautiful scarves around my head and tied them on the side. XO Diana

  11. Michelle ..both times I lost my hair..I didn't do it until I could not stand hair on my pillowcas all the time, washing my hair and the falling out just wouldn't stop
    and last but not least ..this last time..I was at my grandson football game with a cap on..the bit of hair at my neck was just blowing out in the breeze. ENOUGH I said..
    you'll know when it's right for you!!!

    and you must do as you are, let your body tell YOU what to do.
    Tess is awesome..
    and chemo, not just feeling ill, it's poison and docs hope it kills the canser before it kills us.

    ya gotta sweetie cuz God gave her to a sweetie

  12. Hi Michelle - 2 year survivor next week of Ovarian cancer. Lost every bit of hair on my body! I never shaved my head....heard it is hard on the hair follicles. I just kept cutting it shorter. Unfortunately, the falling out gets more and more and it is very messy! I cried every time I looked in the mirror for a while..but then as time went on, my hair was the least of the issues! It does grow back. Mine has always been thick and it is thick again.
    Try not to push yourself too much. I know it is hard to say no and not participate, but as my husband told me...I have one job right now, and that is to get through the chemo! I had 15 months of it. But I am off now. Probably will have to do it again sometime. When that day can remind me of all of this!!!!!
    You are so beautiful. Hang in there girl. There is joy in the morning!!!


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