Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Can He Really Be This Old Already?

As promised, this is one of Tyler's senior picture proofs. I LOVE it! I'm sure it's gonna be hard to narrow it down to a few poses - Ty has always been very photogenic. I haven't seen all the proofs yet but some of the shots included Tyler with his guitar along some railroad tracks and also at a few local historic landmarks. We opted to go with all outdoor pictures except the one required head shot for the school yearbook. The more casual look really captures the 'real' Tyler and that's exactly what I had in mind :)

Case in point...one time when Tyler was about 3 years old and his little sister Taylor was a year old, we had just gotten into the car from making a trip to the fabric store. I had purchased a cute 'his & her' pattern to make a little boy's knicker/dress shirt with a bow tie outfit and the little girl's dress. (I think it was for a holiday; don't remember now.) Tyler was sitting in his car seat and he managed to get that pattern out of the bag and must have realized my plan to make that outfit for him and he just started bawling and carrying on...'NO, MAMA, NO! No shorty pants! I don't want those shorty pants!' (You know, the knickers.) I tried not to laugh and told Tyler it was okay. I never did end up making that outfit! HA HA Guess I didn't expect such a strong reaction from a 3 year old! So, you see, Tyler has NEVER been a big fan of dress clothes - even at that young age. Nothing's changed :) He's a t-shirt & jeans kinda guy.

Happy Tuesday to everyone!


  1. And a very handsome man, at that!
    Glad you're feeling good this week, Michelle. Still praying....

  2. Love the picture! These kids grow up so fast.

  3. Great picture! They sure do grow up too fast! Can't believe my daughter graduates college in May!

    Have a wonderful afternoon and evening!

  4. Wow, he is very handsome. It probably will be hard to choose from among all the poses. I'm glad you are feeling better this week, Michelle. Love, Kathi

  5. Hi Sister, What a handsome man~! How blessed you are. So happy you are feeling well and getting things done. Lovin your positive outlook and spirit, remember your Children are watching you and listening to all you do! :o) You are a beautiful role model! Loving arms hugging you, have a beautiful day! Diana lyn

  6. great picture...I favor outside casual shots myself.


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