Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekly Menu Planning...What's For Dinner?

I'm a list maker by nature. I plan weekly dinner menus. I write detailed grocery lists. I don't like to shop without my handy dandy list. But I'm pretty flexible about changing the plan if we need to. You know, like I don't cook a big meal if it's just Bobby & me or whatever. Tyler isn't around home much to eat anymore...he's either working or busy with friends. Taylor & Tess aren't always home at the same time. So it really just depends but I do like to have a plan.

The handle broke off my crockpot a few months ago. Bobby bought me a new one a few weeks back. I'm anticipating that it will get a lot of use as I'm going through chemo. I want to be able to still care of my family as much as I can, despite my treatments (which start tomorrow morning).

Here's this week's menu...

Monday: Smoky corn chowder-sourdough biscuits
Tuesday: Crockpot chili-cornbread cake
Wednesday: BBQ chicken (in crockpot)-mashed potatoes-green beans-biscuits
Thursday: Chicken caesar salad-blueberry muffins
Friday: *Bobby & I usually eat out...kids are doing own thing*

What about you guys...do you plan weekly menus? How has life changed for you as your kids have gotten older? My MIL used to make dinner early and leave covered plates for all 4 of her sons as they came home at different times due to sports/work schedules, etc. - they'd 'heat & eat'...yep, Bobby was a spoiled boy!!! ha ha Sundays were always family dinners together, though, no matter what went on during the week.

So, tell me about your schedules....


  1. Hi Michelle,
    Oh your Babies are growing up on ya.Working now.
    I do more list planning in my head than on paper.
    Its hard to plan a meal when everyones on a different schedule.
    Most Suns. we do get to eat together. Dh &I eat all meals together, DS working he eats after we do most evenings.
    Hope you have a great day!

  2. I am a planner and shopping list maker, too! I don't have specific meals for specific days of the week, because if I don't feel like one thing for dinner, I have another plan...something else!!

    Tom and I seldom eat out. We just enjoy eating at home. I love to cook, too!

    Next weekend, we will be entertaining in our newly re-done dining room. Two couples, our new interim Pastor and his wife and another church couple, will be coming for dinner. Pastor's wife doesn't tolerate most dairy products, so menu MUST be planned carefully.

    We'll be having BEEF STEW and BISCUITS and a STRAWBERRY JELLO MOUSSE (with non-dairy whipped topping - Cow Slobber to me - LOL!) for dessert.

    We'll be praying for you as you begin your chemo tomorrow.

    Quite a few of my friends will be missing at my Birthday Tea Party tomorrow...but they will be there in one form or another...just wait and see.

    ~Blessings dear one...

  3. Unfortunately, no meal plans get made around here anymore. My 23 year old lives out on his own and our daughter is away at college...so Howard and I just fend for ourselves these days, especially if it's a day that I work.

    When the kids were growing up and things were so busy, dinner time was often crazy so we also made sure Sunday dinner was a given. Every Sunday had a family dinner (and often included the kids friends too). Even now when the kids are here on Sundays we have a sit down family dinner.

    Good luck tomorrow Michelle. I have you in my thoughts and prayers!

  4. I'd like to get back into meal planning. I really should. Right now I have no idea what's for dinner. You've given me inspiration Michelle. Your meals sound yummy and not too difficult. I think I should get my recipe box and crock pot out, and get busy. I'm praying ahead for you about tomorrow morning. I'm praying that the chemo. gets right to business and kills that cancer. Hugs and prayers, Kathi

  5. Michelle - It is 7:45 Wednesday morning, just want you to know that I am praying.


  6. Good Morning Michelle, It's 4:45 Wednesday morning and I am praying for you. May God bless you and heal you. Hugs, Kathi

    Isaiah 41:10 "Do not fear, I am with you; do not be dismayed; I am your God."

  7. Found you through kathi, at Feathering My Nest. Praying God's words of life wash over the words of man--the battle is His. Praying peace in the midst of this season.

    "The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want." Ps. 23:1

    Loved your menu plan,every once in a while I get that done, but after 26 years of marriage I feel like I've cooked it all and I'm always looking for new stuff.

    Bless your heart, you are His, you are loved, praying you sense His presence today.


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