Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thoughtful Bloggin' Friends and Busy Hands

My family brought up a package to the hospital that I had received from Diana Lyn (Candles From the Heart blog) and my oh my, does this candle ever smell heavenly! The scent is 'ylang ylang @ ginger' and I love it. Thanks, Diana Lyn!
If you are interested in some good quality candles, please contact Diana Lyn. There's all the info you need!
I love this precious journal from Deena (Can I Be Pretty in Pink blog)! It's so wonderful, Deena, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness! It's so pretty I don't want to write in it! lol (I will, though :)
Look at the beautiful things I received from Michele (Country Vintage blog)! They are all so dainty and sweet looking. Thanks so much, Michele, for your kind thoughtfulness!
Miss Tess is quite flexible. She can actually do the splits for cheer leading! (Yeah, I know - the grass needs to be mowed :)
I finally have something I can actually do to keep my hands busy - yay! Our youngest daughter, Tess, will cheer at their first game of the season this coming Saturday. Oh, she's so excited! The girls get to wear their uniforms to school tomorrow. The skirt is too big in the waist so I have to take it in today. So glad to have busy hands!

As I've shared before, I'm constantly amazed at the kindness, warmth & encouragement from those I've met in the wonderful world of blogging. Your friendships mean a great deal to me. It's like we've all connected 'at the heart', even though most of us have never met in person. What a blessing that is!

In other news, I'll give you a little update on my health and share what I learned at my follow-up doctor's appointment yesterday. I'll start chemotherapy treatments in about a month. The entire process will last for 5 months. Some of the side effects include 100% hair loss and tiredness. My breast surgeon will implant a port underneath the skin by my collarbone to prepare for the chemo. (That even sounds gross to me, don'tcha think?!)

I am SO HAPPY to learn I can start driving again, as long as I haven't taken any pain medicine. Whew, regaining some independence sure sounds good to me!

I'm feeling really good today! Bobby & the kids have been helping around the house and I'm grateful for that. Everything is done - dishes, laundry, etc.

So I've got a is the new school year going for everyone? Our kids are doing well. They've been coming home and getting their homework done almost right away - I'm so relieved; we used to have some, shall we say, 'issues' in that area! lol They seem to like being back to school. How 'bout your kids?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. awesome that your daughter is cheering! I know how that is, I was a cheerleader for 3 years and LOVED it! :)
    I pray for you during your Chemo treatments. I know you can get through this!!!
    And school is good around here, still trying to get adjusted, but I think its going to be a good year.

  2. Isn't Deena a gem! She is a strong chick I may add! And I am going to go check out the soy candle website! be sure and take pics of the girls in their uniforms!
    Will continue to keep you in prayer!! you have a great attitude, God will give you strength!


  3. must feel like it's your birthday...or Christmas, with all of the pretty gifts you've been receiving.

    The good thing about kids being back in school is...I can go shopping without all the kids running around underfoot! LOL!!! You see, my 2 sons are 37 and 38 and no longer in school. LOL!!!

    Just know you and Bobby and the kids are in our prayers, every day!


    ps...keep us updated, as today is Thursday

  4. Michelle...I'm glad you like the little treasures. You're in my prayers and thoughts every day. I'm glad your kids are doing good with daughter actually just got accepted for cosmetology school, so we're starting a new chapter in her life!


  5. Oh Michelle, it's so good to hear an update from you.

    God will provide a way for you and your family regarding "where to live."

    Our youngest is in her 3rd year of cheer. She cheered 7th and 8th grade and now is cheering for 9th grade H.S. Wow, it's busy, but she loves it and my hubby and I feel if your child loves something, it keeps them focused, busy and out of trouble!!! So far, so good! And she's very happy to be back at school She missed her friends over the summer.

    Keeping you covered in prayer dear.



  6. Oh Michelle, What nice gifts. I love Deena, what a sweetheart she is. Your girls a so precious, I pray they get to stay in the same schools. Also, that you find the perfect place very soon.

    God is huge. I believing for miracles for you. I am getting into a schedule and I have not worked blogging in yet, but I will soon. Hugs, Kathi


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