Friday, September 26, 2008

A Good Day

Thanks to everyone for your sweet, encouraging comments and kind thoughts & prayers. I am feeling somewhat better today. I've just been taking it real easy - basically laying around, resting. I never used to take naps during the day but today was different :) It certainly was strange not to be up and around being busy and active like I usually am. But I know how important it is to give my body a chance to heal up. I realize I'll pay for it later if I don't...

Does anyone have any special plans for the weekend? Whatever you end up doing, enjoy!


  1. Oh Michelle,

    I'm so glad to hear you're taking it easy and allowing your body to heal...and napping as necessary.

    Tom and I are planning to continue "liquid sanding" all of our OLD Dining chairs and Dining Table, so I can decide if I want to paint them, or not.

    How about you? What are you and Bobby doing this weekend?

    How's Tess?

    ~Blessings sweetie...

  2. Hi Michelle...I'm glad you're feeling better today..even just a little. You do need to rest, so that your body can heal.

    I'll be driving Cassie back to Green Bay on Sunday with all the stuff for her new apartment. Hopefully, the colors will be changing and I can get some good pictures!

    Have a great restful weekend!


  3. That's too funny that Jan is liquid sanding her dining room table and chairs as that is sort of the project I am in the middle of. I am only doing the table right now and doing alot of experimenting:{ They will go in my craft room. My table looked best after the first treatment than it looked 10 minutes ago...after the fourth! YIKES, I hope my sister knows what we are doing~
    We are also getting ready to leave for a trip back to Virgina to see our two sons who are both going to the same dental school. Number 1 child is in his 2nd year, and number 4 child is graduating in May, (& getting married in Dec) It took our oldest longer to decide what he was going to do after he grew up:)! Best part will be to see our two granddaughters
    I hope you, Bobby and the kids have a wonderful and relaxing weekend after ALL you have been doing this past month..
    Lots of hugs and prayers,

  4. I pray for you each day. You will get through this -- and have such a ministering testimony in the end of God's faithfulness.

    I believe your "med port" is what I know as a portacath. I know you dread what will come with chemo, but that little booger is going to be good for you. Just think, you won't have to go through all those pricks and prods now that you have that in place.

    This weekend will fly by, I'm already prepared for it :o) Tomorrow, Rich and I will be going to Winston to his brother's birthday party * at his brother and sister-in-law's house * - I'm sure to have a story or two from this trip. Afterwards, we'll be coming back home to go to a Worship Night at church. I'm excited -- it's 2 hours of full out worship. I can't wait.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Shell! Love you bunches!

  5. Happy Saturday Michelle,Just checking in on you! Hope your feeling better! Sending Lots of Love and Prayers! Continue to take it easy lean on those around you to help, I know it is hard to do but it will make your recovery so much faster and easier! Xo Diana Lyn

  6. Hi Michelle,
    So glad your feeling some better and resting:o)

    I'm canning pears and making pear butter, drying apples.Trying to get all the autumn things canned and wrap up the canning season .

    Hope ya'll have a great wk.end!
    Prayers & Blessins',Lib

  7. So glad you're taking it easy and feeling some better! I understand about not being one who usually naps during the day. Since my illness began I cannot believe how my lifestyle has changed. No more running here and there. But what great things I've learned as I've "rested at home".

    No big plans for me. But it's beautiful and that makes any day better.

    Love to you-

  8. Michelle,
    I didn't want my post to bring you down. The funeral was beautiful!!! With so much love, hope and forgiveness. It was very upbeat and inspiring. A true tribute to a wonderful young man who made bad choices but had put his life back together... His example of cleaning his life up was a wonderful example to his fiance and other friends still struggling. His parents, although they hurt like 'heck' with this mortal separation, feel Perhaps his great example will prove a true blessing in his friends lives and they too can find their way to a happier life. (Does that make sense?) His sons mother especially:) You are so sweet and I wanted you to know they will be o'kay though the Love of God.
    Have a great Sunday tomorrow.
    Lots of hugs, Beth

  9. Michelle....

    I am glad you listened to your body and rested....wish I was closer to help you out and make sure you are taking care of yourself....I am over here covered in glitter and fact, I almost glued my finger to the table permanently...haha!....when they say 'super' glue..they are not joking!


  10. Hi Michelle, So glad you are feeling better! ..And that you were able to get moved into your new home! Hope that Tess is feeling better! :) ~Rhonda

  11. Dear Michelle, I'm so glad you are taking the extra steps to rest and prepare for what's ahead. I know it's best for your body to heal up before the actual chemo begins.

    I'm just checking in with you before bed, and saying a prayer for you. Good-night dear friend and sleep tight. Hugs, Kathi ps tomorrow's the day I finish your gift. I tried very hard to find black with white polk-dots in the fabric, but found it difficult. I do think you will like it anyway.

  12. Thinking of you my friend! Sendin the love.........sendin the love! XXOO Diana lyn


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