Monday, September 1, 2008


Don't know about you, but I LOVE flowers! As you can tell by looking at this picture, I've received some pretty bouquets and lots of beautiful cards. I'm really cheered up when I look at them!

My sister & two of her kids, my brother and one of my mom's sisters came over for a visit this past Saturday. We really had such a nice time together! We took a little drive in the afternoon. I only live a few miles from the old farmhouse where my Grandma (mom's mom) grew up and also the cemetery where several of the relatives on that side of the family are buried. I posted last year about how a young couple bought and renovated the farmhouse where Grandma grew up. Well, we drove by - as I mentioned - and it looks like it's done! Aunt Loraine said it looked much the same as it did all those years ago. We also took her to the cemetery. It was interesting to learn more family history. For instance, my great grandpa was a navy bean farmer who owned 80 acres. Or my grandma would hitch up the horse & buggy and make a visit to her aunt & uncle's house at the end of the road when she wasn't getting along with her mom. How interesting to think I only live a few miles away from such family history!

Yesterday my dad and his wife brought dinner for us. We ate together and had a nice visit. Today my cousin Tammy is bringing her mom (another one of my mom's sisters) with her to visit. I'm looking forward to seeing them! I'm sure we'll enjoy a nice time together.

On another note, thanks for your encouragement and prayers for us - especially in regards to us finding another house. Unfortunately, we already know our school district does not offer open enrollment with schools of choice. Gotta live in the district to go to the school. I know A LOT of people do the unethical thing of using someone else's address or they move and don't update the school....there's just no way I could do that, no matter what happens. To me, right is right and wrong is wrong. No judgment; I'm just saying it's unethical in my opinion and I don't feel right about being dishonest, that's all. (Please don't think I mean any of you suggested it; I don't :)

So please remain in prayer about all of that. We've got a call in on a house located in a subdivision across the street from the schools. (Didn't expect a call back right away due to the holiday weekend.) Honestly, it would be PERFECT...and the rent is SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS less than what we currently pay! We can afford what we pay here but what a blessing it would be to save that much per month! I'll keep everyone posted.

Enjoy your 'LABOR DAY', whatever your plans are :)


  1. Praying this is the house the LORD has for you...the feeling I have right that it is!!

    We'll keep praying, just in case my "feeler" is off today, LOL!!!

    Jan & Tom

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Praying this will be just the house:o) About time for something Wonderful for ya'll:o)
    Glad you had some great visits and more to come:o)
    Love,Hugs,Prayers are with you!


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