Monday, August 4, 2008

Things That Made Me Smile

I'm trying to think of as many things as possible ahead of time ~ before my surgery ~ so I can be well-prepared. I had some "girlfriend time" with my cousin Tammy (2x thyroid cancer survivor) this past Friday night. We always have such a good time together :) First we had some dinner, then headed off to go shopping. Tammy & I had been talking about things that will make it easier on me after surgery and we both agreed having a bed tray/desk like that would be a great thing. We found one @ Bed, Bath & Beyond and Tammy surprised me by buying it as a gift. Wasn't that so nice of her? I appreciated it so much! Next on my list is to find a pretty robe. My old flannel favorite has gotten kinda ratty :)

Tammy & I topped our evening off with ice cream from Coldstone Creamery...all I can say is YUMMY! I got "Cheesecake Fantasy" in a waffle cone. Boy, was it ever delicious! I guess you could say it was "THE LAST HURRAH" for me since I've drastically changed my whole diet now. No more soda pop. (Ouch - I LOVE Coke!) Water, water & more water - that's what I've been drinking. No more sugar. Lots of fruits & veggies. I'm not planning to go vegetarian but I pretty much only eat boneless, skinless chicken breast these days anyhow.
I've received many lovely cards from relatives and friends, as well as thoughtful e-mails.
This card from Tammy is so beautiful, isn't it?
Tammy compiled a "SANITY CHECKLIST" with the top 5 things I can do to be prepared after surgery. I LOVE it! After all, she IS quite a pro after going through 2 thyroid cancer surgeries :) She also made me a "JOY" scrapbook! This is actually the first scrapbook I've ever received :) I've made so many for others but just never got one as a gift so it meant a lot to me.
"Giggle" and "Laugh At Yourself"...I especially think being able to laugh is so important. Tammy & I both lost our moms to cancer and now that we're in that number as well (I mean the both of us having cancer), we're able to joke about the big "C" word that no one likes to discuss. Some people might consider it 'inappropriate' or 'irreverent' but trust me, it gets ya through. I'd never offend anyone but it's not good if you can't even laugh. We've both said we're gonna write a book together about our experiences!
"Control Your Destiny" and "Nurture Your Soul"...

"Positive Attitude" and "Encourage"...

Today I'm getting ready for our trip. We're heading out for Chicago in the morning. I'm super excited and looking forward to a GREAT time! I'll be sure to take LOTS of pictures that I'll share when we get back at the end of the week.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Until next time :)


  1. I am so grateful to God that you have Tammy, I will pray for many blessings for both of you!!! And it sounds like the two of you are very similiar and I think she will have tons of uplifting things to say to you!

    See you soon!!!

  2. So glad you're heading to Chicago. What a great time that will be for all of you. (still not sure what part of MI you are from)

    Also, what a blessing to have your cousin Tammy to go through this with you. You are so right about needing to laugh!!

    Praying on-

  3. Enjoy your trip
    will you send me your
    address when you get back..Thanks ..Deena

  4. Hi Michelle,
    You and Tammy has the correct Attitude!:o) Keep it up:o)
    SO Thankful you all have each other and you have your DH!
    Hope ya'll have a wonderful trip!
    MY Love,Prayer and thoughts are with ya'll!

  5. I'm so glad you have Tammy! What a great gift she bought you and great acrapbook! So nice to have someone who has been through some of the same things! Your ice cream sounded delicious! I have only been there once. Enjoy Chicago!

  6. Michelle...have a great time in Chicago. It's only 30 minutes from me...wish we could have met!!! Your scrapbook is beautiful...Tammy did a wonderful job putting it together for you.

    Can't wait to see your pics...are you guys going to Navy Pier? It's sooooo much fun!


  7. Dear Michelle,

    You are always in my prayers. Attitude is everything! I am so glad you had that time with Tammy. I am also glad you are getting in a trip to Chicago - it is one of my favorite cities. It is so clean and beautiful.

    I don't know if you knew this, but my son is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with non-Hodgkids Lymphoma at 15. He has now made the 5 year mark. I will be praying for you daily. If you need me, please email me.

    Love & Hugs to you,

  8. I too am happy you have Tammy as well as you sister near by to lean on.
    Everything looks nice. Im glad you feel happy.
    Candy :)

  9. Michelle...

    Have a wonderful trip and know that today, on our blog post, DAY OF PRAYER that you're being covered in prayer.


  10. Dear Michelle,
    I'm so glad you're able to be going on this trip. It will be refreshing for you. I'm also grateful that you have someone to connect with through this, that has actually experienced it.
    I'm convinced that laughter is healing, and so good for us. I saw it in practice back when I was having my iron infusion. It was done at the cancer treatment center, and there were twin sisters waiting with us. One had just gone through the same thing you are, and she was getting ready to start her first treatment. She and her sister were joking, cuttin' up, and just having a blast with each other. You could just feel the extreme love and JOY in that room.
    I know you'll be the same way, as you have that beautiful personality.
    Have a wonderful time, and we're still praying.
    Love you,

  11. Just stopping in to see what you are up to! Glad you warned that your daugther's poem was a tear jerker! :) was that, but it was precious and heartfelt!

    Your arrangements you made for your house were great! And I absolutlety adore the garland that you did! I may just have to "borrow" that idea. :) Wouldn't that be cute done in Fall colors?

    I'm so glad you have such a good support system! My prayers are with you and your family! Hope you and your husband have a great trip to Chicago! Can't wait to see the pictures! :) ~Rhonda

  12. Hey Girl! I'm so sorry I've been out of touch. Our computer has been on the fritz again - blah!

    What a special sweet cousin you have there. So very thoughtful! I'm glad you are preparing, and she's helping you through it. You're in our prayers daily!!

    Have a wonderful trip. Can't wait to see pictures when you get back!

  13. Dearest Michelle,
    I am so thankful you have your cousin to walk you through this time, it will make it soooo much easier to be prepared, takes some of the fear of the unknown away!

    Loved the blog post below this with your darling daughter, what a heart felt cry to the Lord, I too am crying out the same thing for healed, quickly! :) Bless you, you are in my thoughts, heart and prayers!


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