Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Sweet Visit

I was feeling well enough last night to go to the hospital with Bobby to visit his mom. (Don't worry; I DID NOT overdo it! Believe me, Bobby wouldn't have let me go otherwise!) It was so good to see Sandy and my father-in-law, Bob. We only stayed for about half an hour or so.

It's really quite amazing how far advanced the medical field has become. Bob was telling us they took care of that blocked artery in just about 15 minutes time! (He showed us the picture, etc.) Sandy is doing very well, although they're probably going to keep her just one more day to ensure that her blood is not too thin. From what Bobby was explaining to me on the phone a few minutes ago, there are some concerns with that.

I've got to really take a few minutes here and tell you just how good God is...and how HE really IS in all the little details.

Sandy & our oldest daughter Taylor were the only ones at the house when Sandy had the heart attack. Apparently Sandy was laying on the couch in the living room and Taylor was on the computer. All Taylor really knew is that Grandma wasn't feeling well and was resting.

Bobby had been at work (I know, I know - he probably shouldn't be back to work already - there's no use arguing with him - I've already tried over the years!) and had to make a trip home because his incision was leaking through his shirt and he had to redress it. Well, that right there just goes to show ya how God is in the details.

Sandy was on the couch shaking when Bobby walked in and he told her how awful she looked. She let him know she'd already taken a nitro pill. He gave her an aspirin and told her he was calling for an ambulance. Sandy tried to dissuade him, telling Bobby that her husband was already on the way to get her. Bobby persisted and the ambulance came. They determined right away she'd had a heart attack.

Bobby called me in my hospital room (I hadn't yet been discharged) to tell me what was going on. I just couldn't believe it; I really couldn't! I just laid in that bed, wondering what else could go wrong and feeling quite a bit like Job, to tell ya the truth. I let the nursing staff know what was happening and they said to not even worry about going home that day, at that point. Bobby did end up getting me from the hospital late that afternoon and honestly, I'm so glad he did. It's been really good to be home. Of course I've been resting better and more comfortable here. The first roommate I had was deaf and she yelled back at her TV a lot and also seemed to just stand there and stare at me before she'd go into the bathroom. That was REALLY kinda creepy, I'm tellin' ya!

I had another restful night's sleep last night. I'm getting stronger each day. I'll go see my breast surgeon for a follow-up appointment sometime during this next week. As our daughter Taylor shared in the update about me, the doctors did find another suspicious area during surgery. It was behind my chest wall. They feel they got everything, from what I understand. I will have to undergo chemotherapy, though. I'm pretty shaken by that news, but what can ya do, really? It's just something I'll have to endure....


  1. Hi Michelle! So glad your mother-in-law is doing better and that you are feeling stronger every day too! I will be praying for everything!!! God will provide! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  2. Sweet Friend, I am so glad your feeling better! Everything is on the mend! just go slow, I used this moto, through all of my Breast cancer Saga! " Let Go and Let God" ! It's all you can do, besides keeping up your health, I cannot say enough about the juicing machine, I did it everyday through Chemo, Positive , positive , positive! Sending you my positive mind vibes!!!! Remember Carrot, celery, and Parsely for sure keeps up your immune system! beautifully! Big hugs! Thinking of you, prayers for you and your family! Diana Lyn

  3. Michelle,

    I can't even imagaine Job and what he endured and also what your family is going through. I do know that Heavenly Father in his great wisdom is really watching over all, down to the smallest details. The medical profession has come so far and the advances in everything is so incredible to me, from Gall bladder surgery, heart attacks and breast cancer. I am grateful Sandy is doing better was able to the medical help she needed. May you and Bobby continue to be watched over and blessed. Also may things happen you can stay in your home.
    With many prayers and blessings for you and your family,

  4. oh my goodness.... you all are SO strong. I mean really.. your attitude and faith and courage has been such a wonderful testimony. God loves you.

  5. I'm so thankful your mother in law is doing better now, and it is such a joy to hear praise and thanks coming from you to God, in the midst of the confusion and turmoil. Now, that is faith. It is such a testimony of God in your life. I realize that it seems that all is peaceful in my own life right now, and yes, it is true. I have no huge things going on at present. I believe this though, some day in the future, it might be I who is the one asking for prayer going through things like you have and like Job did. I might title the post "It's My Turn." I don't desire to have huge problems, but I am being real and honest, that they do happen to everyone, and I am not excluded. It is a joy and an honor to pray for you and your family. I know other blogging buddies feel the same way. You are a precious friend, Michelle. When things calm down, I will be sending you a card/package in the snail mail. I'm a tiny bit behind and overwhelmed with getting kids into school. Just know you are on my heart. Hugs, Kathi

  6. Michelle, first and foremost, I'm so happy and thankful that you are doing so well. It scared me to read that the doctors found another area that looked suspicious...thank goodness they saw it now and were able to take care of it.

    I just couldn't believe what I was reading when you posted about your MIL but now glad to read that she is doing well too. Thank the Lord for answered prayers.

    I'm sorry to hear about the chemo but yes, you just do what you have to do right. You're young, beautiful, vibrant, and this too shall pass.

    Friend, you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Hope things continue to get better with each passing day. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Michelle, so glad for the good news regarding your mother-in-law and glad you are resting well.

    I am so sorry that you'll have to endure chemo, must say your attitude and faith are an inspiration to many. Can't wait to see how God uses upi in the lives of others!

    Praying on-

  8. Came over by way of Lib's. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. What a blessing to have such strong faith through all that has and is going on in your life. Stay strong and know your blog neighbors are praying too.

  9. Hi Michelle,
    Lib pointed me in your direction and I am so glad that she did. Isn't it wonderful the way that God works? He just moves us around in the direction that he intends for us to go and softly whispers into our ears to go and do His will. When we listen and do as He has asked we are always better off for following His lead. I will be holding you and your families needs in my prayers. Many blessings to you.

  10. Hi Michelle,
    God is Good all the time:o)
    Still praying here.

  11. Michelle, you can do anything with God on your side. Take care of yourself,,,, my family is praying for you and your loved ones.


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